A Tale of Two Companies and How Each Captured My Heart

Hi, my name is Allison Boccamazzo and I’m a Kate Spade addict. I’m a LUSH addict, too. I tried good and hard to give them up, but I just can’t. And so here I am, writing (yet again) about how amazing these companies’ customer service – and content marketing strategies – are. I swear to you that there’s no paid advertising going on here. This is just the simplistic power of content marketing coupled with superior customer service.

My relationship with these two companies escalated quickly and blissfully, like going out to dinner with a complete stranger on a sporadic Saturday night to falling head over heels by the time you reach the front door. In an effort to explain to you how to capture your customers’ hearts, I have to explain how these two companies consistently knock it out of the park for me. And, in turn, why I’m always willing to open my wallet for them.

Kate Spade

I’ve always been a purse girl, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2011 where, as an editorial intern, I was sent to make frequent stops at various New York City Kate Spade stores to pick up items for photo shoots. I vowed to myself that once I graduated from college and got a big girl job (and paycheck), I would return. And that’s exactly what I did.

Now, I own Kate Spade rain boots and a lovely Kate Spade purse. I bought myself and my two sisters matching Kate Spade bracelets for Christmas last year, and for my birthday next month, I’m eyeing a new Kate Spade wallet. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the brand’s sister company, Kate Spade Saturday, as well.

So, why do I keep coming back?

1.)    Value of Service: I love how much the company values its service. For instance, when you make an order, you receive a cute, quirky little something in your package, like a postcard I received when I purchased my rain boots, which now hangs proudly in my work cubicle.


2.)    Excellent Customer Service Reps: When I realized that the fit and color of a newly ordered Kate Spade Saturday shirt was way off, I called the company’s customer service line to begin the laborious return process. However, I was so shocked by the friendliness and sheer politeness of the agent on the other line that I thought I was being punk’d. One week later, my new shirt arrived, and I was thrilled by how painless the process was.

3.)    The Blog: I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a frequent reader of Kate Spade’s blog; however, it is so perfectly executed and crafted that, in my opinion, it nonetheless bolsters the company’s reputation tenfold. Not only does the company blog everyday or at least every other day, but the brand is consistent throughout and never falls short on the side of plain advertising. For example, the company’s “We’d like you to meet…” series is spot on. Like its September 17 post, where the company features its Edie Cigarette pant. The description: “This may just be the pant you reach for every day of the week. Find out why.” Perfection.

LUSH Cosmetics

A few years ago, my sister began showing me some of the store’s products and explaining how much she loved them (LUSH offers a range of natural handmade bath and body products including handmade natural soaps, bath bombs, facial cleansers, and perfumes). After hearing about a store opening at my nearby mall, I excitedly – albeit hesitantly – walked in, and the rest is history. Now, my entire skincare regime is from LUSH, and I refuse to go anywhere else.

So, why do I keep coming back?

1.)    Phenomenal In-Store Service: The service I receive at my local store is indescribable. The in-store team always feels like close friends. When I walk into the store, every associate is so responsive, attentive and hands on (pun intended), regardless of if I’ve even met them before. I’ve spent hours in-store with employees eagerly conducting product demos and suggesting new complementary products. I’m actually excited every time I have to go in-store to stock up on all of my LUSH favorites.

2.)    Social Media Superstar: Every single time I tweet at LUSH’s official Twitter account, I receive a personal response from anywhere within minutes to one hour. For example, last week, I realized that my hands are in dire need of some TLC. So, being a self-proclaimed LUSH lover but having no time to scour through pages of products on the company’s website, I tweeted at the store’s Twitter account asking what it could suggest. Not only did the company respond to me within 15 minutes, but the response included a link to the exact webpage for me to view product details. Outstanding.

lush tweet

3.)    Superb Website: The company’s website is perfectly put together, including an amazing carousal on its homepage promoting its blog and newest products, a live stream of news showing who ordered what and videos including quick tips for product use. The company’s website is jam-packed with awesome information, yet at the same time makes sure to avoid sensory overload.

If customer retention is a missing piece of your company’s puzzle, then it would be wise to take a cue from these two companies. Thanks Kate Spade and LUSH for the great service, you’ll always have a customer in me.

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