Is Content Marketing Fashionable?

fashIt’s not every day that you see the words “content marketing” and “fashion” together— but as we all know, stranger things have happened (Lady Gaga’s SXSW performance anyone?). The fashion industry has embraced content marketing with open arms. After all, designers are natural storytellers. From Burberry to ShopBop to Anthropologie, familiar names in the fashion world are using this avant-garde marketing strategy to engage with readers and boost brand loyalty. So is content marketing fashionable? The answer: Yes!

Don’t believe me? Below are three famously fashionable brands that have perfected the art of content marketing. (Take notes!)

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR is a digital one-stop-shop for all things fabulous. NOTES, the company’s fashion and lifestyle blog, is helping ramp up the site’s digital presence in a big way. From how-to’s to exclusive interviews to the latest fashion news, visitors have plenty of fresh content to browse. What’s more, its interactive social media contests keep readers engaged and coming back for more. For example, the blog recently held a contest in which readers had a chance to win a Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope in Pretty in Punk just for following ShopStyle on Pinterest. The blog also curates fun “must have” lists for all seasons and upcoming holidays.


Rebecca Minkoff’s RMedit

Known for her modern aesthetic with a hint of vintage, Rebecca Minkoff has made quite a name for herself in the high-fashion world. Now the designer is making waves in the digital world with her blog RMedit. The blog offers a variety of content from style, music, art and culture, travel, tastemakers, and food. The fashion brand even has its own YouTube channel that posts exclusive behind the scenes videos of recent campaigns and photo shoots. Not only has the brand entered into the closets of fashionistas everywhere, but their everyday lives, too.



The marketing folks at J.Crew, the fashion brand known for its preppy and effortless clothing, are genius. Not only does the company craft the best email marketing campaigns, but its blog is full of fresh, crave-worthy content. From exclusive interviews with in-house designers to behind the scenes access to magazine shoots, J.Crew gives readers entertaining content that’s useful. For example, the blog recently interviewed make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift, founder of RMS Beauty, during which she gave readers tips on how to perfect the dewy-faced look we all crave. The blog also took readers behind the scenes into Golden Bear’s studio.


While you may not be in the fashion industry, every brand can learn a thing or two from the companies above. The bottom line: It’s all about creating content that keeps a reader (and a customer) coming back for more.