Marrying Your Company to the Right Brand Strategy

Today marked another milestone in the journey toward my wedding later this year as I received a text around lunchtime that my fiancée had settled on a dress. She was understandably excited and equally adamant about preventing me from seeing it before the big day.


Over the past few months when she looked at dresses online, every once in awhile I’d pop my head over and point out one I thought was nice. Inevitably, I got a look that I figured out fairly quickly meant, “Are you nuts?” Each time I received one of these strange facial expressions I asked what the problem was with that particular dress, and most often was told that there was nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t something she would ever wear.


Surprisingly, the same concept can be applied to branding. Like snowflakes or fingerprints no two businesses are exactly alike and thus, just because one company is successful with one strategy doesn’t mean it will work for the next. Creating an effective brand strategy is about finding the stories that let people know what your company is about and telling them in an engaging way. Like choosing a wedding dress a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t likely to lead to branding excellence.


If you’re looking for increased brand awareness this year, consider consulting experts who can tailor content exactly to your company’s core competencies, goals and objectives. So do you want to walk hand in hand down the aisle to better branding? All you have to say is, “I do.”