Does Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest?

Imagine your blog were to walk into a crowded networking event. Would it be the center of attention and walk away with 50 new business contacts? Or would it hang out by the cookies trying to blend into the scenery?

silhouettes-76784_640In the overcrowded world of online content, it takes a lot to stand out and become known as a go-to source for educational and industry information. Consider the fact that WordPress users publish 347 new blog posts every minute. In that same amount of time, Google users enter over 2 million search queries. And Facebook users share about 684, 478 pieces of content.

Here are some blogging tips to help you rise above the noise online:

Don’t be a bore: A blog has to have charisma in order to generate interest and garner strong retention rates. If you want to connect with your readers, provide them with food for thought that will stick with them after they leave your page. Let your spec sheets provide the detailed information about your products and services and take a higher level view with your blog posts.

Create a sense of urgency: Your readers’ time is precious. Don’t make them sit through an article unless it has a point, and make that point well known early in the article.  A great way of creating a sense of urgency with your content is to use the fear of missing out tactic and limit the time or availability of a specific landing page. For instance, try making your webinar free for the first 50 people that click on the link.

Let your readers talk back: Give your readers a chance to engage in dialogue on your site. Chances are they will ask questions that other readers have. This will create even more dialogue and will send the message that your blog is meant to break down the barrier between you and your customers.

Do you have any strategies for making your blog stick out from the crowd?  Tell us in the comments section below!