Three Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Blog

Believe it or not, every blog has a personality. It’s hard to see this when you are posting content on a regular basis, but your readers will easily pick up on things that you might not notice.

Unfortunately, there are some habits that could be sucking the life out of your blog and dampening its overall effect on your brand image. Are you guilty of any of the following?

shutterstock_131193488Providing too much personal information: Now don’t get me wrong, adding a little bit of personal information, like an anecdote about your day or a recent family outing gone awry, can help build a connection with readers if used sparingly. However, make sure to draw a firm line between your personal life and your professional blog. If you do add a personal touch to your blog, make sure it’s tasteful, positive and helps support the larger topic at hand. Avoid ranting and raving at all costs.

Perfectionism: Editing is a vital part of the writing process. But if your blog is on its 12th round of edits, and it’s been several weeks since you’ve last posted, you could be over thinking your message. Loosen up and remember that blogging is meant to start a conversation with your customers. As long as you are careful about the topics that you write about and get your facts straight, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger and post your article. From the beginning you should strive to get into a rhythm and post regularly. Oftentimes, the hardest part is getting through the launch phase. Then, it’s smooth sailing.

Irrelevant posts: It may be tempting to treat your blog as a journal detailing all of your travels and daily observations. But if you want to do this, best practices call for starting a personal blog and keeping it separate from your professional blog. Don’t, in other words, post an industry article and follow up with a random picture showing what you had for lunch. It will confuse your readers.

And remember—it’s okay to rely on a team of professionals if your blog is on the rocks. Click here to learn more about how we here at Content Boost can help.