Three Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing content can be tricky. Do it right, and you can extend the shelf life of a great piece of content and reach a whole new audience. But do it wrong, and you could wind up sounding like a broken record.

shutterstock_181197839Recycling content is all about taking an existing piece of work—whether  it’s a case study, white paper, or blog post— and giving it new life. However, this is where marketers often get tripped up as repurposing content is an easy way to get on Google’s bad side and convince search engine “spiders” that you are engaging in black hat SEO when done wrong.

Below are three simple ways you can repurpose content:

Change your medium: Suppose you have a great infrographic that you want to repurpose; instead of reposting the original one, write a blog post diving deeper into the information. You can even insert the infographic into your post or link directly to it. Your audience will appreciate you providing extra value and approaching the original concept from a different angle.

Remember that any time you revisit content, you need to ask yourself if you are helping its cause by adding something new or simply regurgitating the facts. Creating podcasts, webinars and videos out of your original content is also an easy way to get additional juice out of your asset.

Expand your blog into a white paper: You might have a blog topic that’s generated a significant amount of traffic and comments, indicating that your readers want more. So try expanding your thoughts into a whitepaper or eBook. If you decide to do this, keep in mind it will require collaboration among your team, and a lot of planning. And remember, don’t let your white paper planning and drafting get in the way of your other content marketing responsibilities like weekly blog posts and social strategies. You still need to create strong content on a regular basis in order to keep your readers happy.

Create a presentation: If your content is full of quotes, statistics and advice, an online presentation is a great way to make it more accessible to your readers.  You can even post the article to SlideShare which will help you drive more traffic and engagement. This is also a great way to condense your company’s keynote addresses, or other trade show activities into actionable content for those who did not attend.

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Gerald (2)With an extensive background in journalism having worked at AOL’s and New Haven’s “Groove Magazine,” Content Boost’s Digital Content Editor Gerald Baldino certainly has a way with the written word. His right-brain mentality and creative thinking has helped him launch numerous successful content marketing campaigns for his clients. Dubbed “Saint Baldino” for his willingness to help other team members in need, Gerald is an independent author and publisher, and enjoys creating short fiction, poetry and visual art in his spare time. Gerald received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.