Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes with Digital Content Editor, Gerald Baldino

shutterstock_142997941Every marketing team has someone who always thinks outside the box. For Content Boost, that team member is Gerald Baldino. With an impressive writing background having worked at AOL’s Patch.com and New Haven’s “Groove Magazine,” Gerald has helped numerous clients launch successful content marketing campaigns. His right-brain mentality and affinity for the written word has enabled him to take the least sexy topic and turn it into something exciting.

“I think there is an interesting angle to any story,” explains Gerald. “It’s just a matter of uncovering it. Sometimes that angle is easy to find, and sometimes you have to dig for it. But it’s always there.”

The creative juices don’t stop flowing after office hours. As an independent author and publisher, Gerald enjoys creating short fiction, poetry and visual art in his spare time. Did I mention he’s a killer cook as well? Ask him about his specialty pizza; we hear it’s out of this world. Learn more about Gerald in our latest five-minute catch up:

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I recently moved to New York City and couldn’t be IMG_2937happier, so right now I’m content exactly where I am. It’s a move I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, as I grew up in the small town of North Branford, Connecticut and went to college in the country at UMass Amherst. As a content marketer there are endless ideas to draw from with all of the people, activity and events going on around me. That being said, I would love to try living outside of the world someday—like on a space station. I’m really hoping for SpaceX to take off.

What do you do in your spare time? I really love art. I can’t leave the house without a sketch pad and pen, and I enjoy cartooning and painting too. I also really enjoy cooking. My family is famous for never serving the same meal twice, so I learned from a young age to push the boundaries and be creative in the kitchen. I make a mean pizza.

If your house was burning down, what three things would you save? In all honesty, I’d probably be more concerned about losing the items in my refrigerator than anything else. Getting everyone out safely would be my first priority, of course. Not a very materialistic person. I’m happy with the basics like a toothbrush, some clothes and maybe my laptop or a book.

What’s your favorite quote? A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.

What was your first job? When I was 15-years-old, I was actually paid to play baseball. I met a guy who was training as a pitcher and needed a catcher, so I helped him out. Still waiting on the call from the Yankees. Any day now.

Biggest prediction for the content marketing industry in five years…Go! I’m hoping that in five years, the current version of the Web will be completely archaic as new technologies spring up—causing us to rethink the possibilities of content altogether. Just look Oculus Rift, for instance, which can transport users directly into a simulated environment. I think as more businesses embrace these cutting edge technologies, we will see some very interesting content emerge. We’re definitely entering an exciting time for the industry.

What motivated you to join Content Boost? Content Boost had everything I was looking for in a company. Since the team is close-knit, it’s ideal for collaboration and innovation. It’s rare to find such a dedicated group of creative professionals who also have a passion for working hard and meeting tight deadlines. So I’d say it was the environment, plus the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in digital security, manufacturing, customer service and technology—and more.

Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for business, you can only choose one. Which do you choose? Twitter, without a question. It’s cut and dry, straight to the point. Information is readily accessible, and relevant. And you don’t have to sort through pictures of cats or weird inspirational messages to find pertinent content like you sometimes have to do on Facebook.

Who on the Content Boost editorial team would be most likely to survive on an island and why? As marketers, we get metaphorically stranded on desert islands all the time. But everyone on this team is resourceful and knows how to get the job done no matter what the situation is. So I’d be confident that if you dropped any of us onto an island in the Pacific, we’d be just fine—and we’d still get our work done.

What’s your favorite content marketing vehicle and why? I really love blogging since it gives you the opportunity to reach readers in an informal and conversational way. This is something we always tell our clients. Blogs are not spec sheets; they’re meant to start a conversation and bridge the gap between you and your customers.

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