With the Sergio, Ferrari Just Got That Much More Exclusive

1280px-Geneva_MotorShow_2013_-_Pininfarina_Sergio_left_rear_viewFerrari is making a new car, and I won’t be driving it.

You won’t be, either. And most likely, neither will that super rich guy you know. Or even the blue-blooded friend who comes from old money.

Know how I know that? The Italian-based luxury car manufacturer recently announced that it’s only manufacturing six Ferrari Sergios.

And if that wasn’t exclusive enough, you can’t just up and decide to buy one, even if you win the lottery. You have to be invited.

So I repeat: Ferrari is making a new car, and let’s face it, no one we know will ever drive it.

I’m not a car guy: I ride my vehicles until they die. Then I search for a relatively reliable and affordable replacement—they do exist—and repeat the process. Cars, to me, are just means from getting from Point A to Point B.

Still, there’s something pretty amazing about Ferrari coming out of the woodwork and blindsiding me with a vehicle that’s even more exclusive than—for lack of a better word—a “regular” Ferrari.

No matter the vertical, marketers stand to learn a few lessons from the car manufacturer:

  • Be proud. Your company’s offerings are unique—they are what set you apart from your competitors. Embrace them, and always strive to improve.
  • Be passionate. Ferrari is obviously already a well-known luxury manufacturer. But the company refuses to rest on its laurels. Instead, it’s becoming even more exclusive with the Sergio, creating additional value in the minds of its customers.
  • Understand your audience. Already a high-end car manufacturer, Ferrari is somehow taking its exclusive product portfolio to the next level. Six cars? For those interested in high-performance, expensive cars, the more exclusive the vehicle, the better. Who knows how much those cars would fetch on resale. But we all know The Chosen Six would be crazy to sell them.

See you on the road! I’ll either be driving my exclusive 2004 Camry or hoofing it.