What My Wedding Can Teach You About Content Marketing

On October 11th of this year, I became a married man. The day was everything I had hoped for and more, as I was able to share the occasion with all of the people most important to me—and be the center of attention for an entire day.

Of course, like most other weddings, there were a few hiccups on the big day. For instance, I neglected to include myself in a head count, so it was a squeeze to get nine people in an eight-person limo to ride to the venue. At the end of the night, one of the buses taking people back to the hotel where out-of-town guests were staying departed only half full, forcing a few folks to call taxis.

These were not major problems, but on a day with so much build-up they were stressful nonetheless. Still, my wife and I—and our families—were able to stay relatively calm. What I realized in hindsight was that putting so much into planning the event enabled me to keep our sanity no matter what curveballs were thrown our way. As I see it, there were two main reasons for that:

  1. Putting that much time into the preparation left us with the sense that we did absolutely everything we could to make sure the day went off without a hitch. When a few minor blips popped up, we knew they were the result of unavoidable circumstances, not a lack of planning on our part—there’s a certain amount of calm that comes from that knowledge.
  1. We had a DJ, photographer, event coordinator and florist we trusted implicitly. Throughout the day and night we were confident that no matter what unexpected situation arose, these experienced professionals could handle it.

Of course, one other reason we were able to stay calm was that it was a joyous occasion attended by all the people we care about most. That particular point may not be related to content marketing, but the other two are relevant. First, creating a documented content strategy greatly increases your chances for success, according to the “B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” CMI recently released. Not only does a documented plan help you execute a strategy and achieve goals, it also provides you the comfort of knowing that even if some part of the initiative doesn’t go to plan, it wasn’t due to lack of preparation.

Second, using trusted vendors makes all the difference. Content strategy vendors, just like wedding professionals, are experienced experts in their field. These writers and editors understand how to create engaging material. When you enlist services from such a vendor, you can rest easy knowing you are never alone in trying to execute your content marketing strategy.

So, if you’re looking to up your content marketing game but are not exactly sure how to proceed, consider teaming with an expert that will always have your back. Now, all you have to do is say, “I do.”

Known around the office as the unofficial (or official if you ask him) “Content Boost Mayor,” Eric Lebowitz is one of Content Boost’s Digital Content Editors. Before joining the team, Eric worked in development at the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut, and “Golf Digest Magazine.” With experience in account management and content creation, Eric has helped dozens of clients bolster their Web traffic and customer acquisition.  When he’s not cracking jokes in the cubes, you can find him on the golf course working on his handicap. He’s also a recent newlywed. Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Journalism from Purchase College in Purchase, New York.

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