Are You New to Content Marketing? Stop By Our Content Marketing Crash Course, Dec. 4th

shutterstock_231918973Chances are you’ve heard or read about the term “content marketing.” After all, almost every major news publication from Forbes to The Huffington Post has written about it and companies are increasingly investing in it. According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, 46 percent of businesses plan to increase their spend on content marketing, while 32 percent have already made a commitment to keep their budgets the same.

But what exactly is content marketing and how does it work?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy centered around creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire consumers. Unlike traditional marketing (also known as push marketing), content marketing doesn’t bombard buyers; rather it earns their attention in a more passive manner. The strategy focuses on educating and engaging buyers with valuable information to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

While it seems simple enough—just throw up a blog and post a couple times a month— there’s more to the strategy than just content creation and distribution. There’s buyer personas, editorial calendars, metrics, tactics… the list goes on. For those of you who are new to content marketing, this can be overwhelming to say the least. But there’s no need to panic—we’ve got your back.

We are holding our first-ever Content Boost Crash Course on Dec. 4, a complimentary seminar that will share the latest content marketing tips and tricks and give marketers—like you—the chance to talk shop with seasoned professionals from our team. Taking place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our Norwalk, Connecticut, headquarters, the crash course will include three seminars as well as smaller group discussions around pertinent content marketing topics like blogging, social media and lead generation. (To read a sneak peek of the agenda, click here.)

Experts agree that content marketing isn’t just the future, it’s the present. If you’re new to the scene, join us on Dec. 4 to learn everything there is to know about content marketing. To register, click here.


Editorial-Shoot-BrookeBefore she got bitten by the marketing bug, Brooke Neuman worked as a copy editor for Content Boost’s parent company, TMC. As a veteran Content Producer, Brooke draws on her leadership skills and writing expertise to help clients reach their marketing goals. She’s also the creative mind behind the Content Boost blog, featured articles and eNews platforms. When she’s not coming up with killer headlines, you can find her at the beach working on her tan, coaching lacrosse and enjoying her favorite pastime—shopping.  Brooke graduated from Endicott College—where she helped the Gulls win four-peat CCC Women’s Lacrosse Championships—with a degree in contemporary journalism.

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