Five Historical Figures Who Would Have Made Awesome Content Marketers

shutterstock_LincolnContent marketing began its explosion into the mainstream over the past decade or so, which means that unfortunately, some of America’s greatest minds were never able to try their hand at the strategy. For example, can you imagine the ingenuity that Ernest Hemingway or Thomas Edison would have brought to the space? Let’s take a look at five other historical powerhouses who could have made big waves in the content marketing sector: 

Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln’s political and social achievements are unmatched. His abilities as a storyteller and orator were legendary as well, making it a near certainty that Honest Abe would have excelled as a content marketer. What made him a particularly engaging storyteller was that his anecdotes almost always had a purpose and included a salient point. Great content creators understand that every asset should drive toward a specific objective, even if it’s being done subtly; Lincoln was aware of this fact more than 150 years ago.

Einstein_227392972Albert Einstein: One of the prerequisites for successful content marketing is imagination, as it takes a creative mind to continuously develop ideas for engaging material. A theoretical physicist whose imagination allowed him to theorize about and solve some of the greatest mysteries of our physical universe—long before technology could even test and verify many of his hypotheses—surely would have been able to craft an engaging blog or record an interesting podcast at close to the speed of light.

Amelia Earhart: Becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic took courage, one of the most common characteristics of excellent content marketers. Most content creators strive to be thought-leaders, but many are afraid to take chances with their materials. Those that create engaging content are willing to discuss and even defend their point of view, as these debates draw customers and prospects closer to a brand. And if there’s one thing we know about Amelia Earhart, it’s that she wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

shutterstock_LouisLouis Armstrong: As perhaps the first great improvisational musician, Armstrong had a knack for creating on the fly, an important skill for any marketer. While some assets—like white papers or case studies—are typically crafted over a number of weeks, blog and social media posts are an effective way to jump into important discussions in real-time. That means content marketers must be able to think—and create—on their feet, an innate talent for the most influential jazz musician of all-time.

Alexander Graham Bell: Content marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve their multichannel efforts. But how many can say they actually invented a channel themselves? The father of the telephone clearly recognized the importance of two-way communication, which is imperative for quality content creation. Content marketing, at its core, is a conversation between your brand and consumers, and the various assets you create should be largely based on the information your customers are prospects are seeking. Among the ways you can determine what topics interest your target audience are leveraging analytics tools, combing social media feeds and of course, conducting surveys over Alexander Graham Bell’s most famous invention.

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EricKnown around the office as the unofficial (or official if you ask him) “Content Boost Mayor,” Eric Lebowitz is one of Content Boost’s Digital Content Editors. Before joining the team, Eric worked in development at the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut, and “Golf Digest Magazine.” With experience in account management and content creation, Eric has helped dozens of clients bolster their Web traffic and customer acquisition.  When he’s not cracking jokes in the cubes, you can find him on the golf course working on his handicap. He’s also a recent newlywed. Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Journalism from Purchase College in Purchase, New York.