How to Build Your Content Marketing Dream Team

shutterstock_181375259You’ve spent the past several months creating a killer content marketing strategy that outlines everything from your objectives to your buyer personas to your distribution vehicles … you name it. But suddenly, reality hits you like a high-powered freight train and panic ensues; you’ve got a plan—but no one to help execute it.

Content marketing is a major undertaking for companies as it requires the use of a number of complex tactics and various skill sets (i.e. content creation and distribution, search engine optimization, copy writing, web analytics and more). Time and time again, we hear the same concern from businesses: “We need content marketing, but we don’t have enough internal bandwidth or expertise to sustain our efforts.”

To meet the ever-growing demand for content and, more importantly, reap the benefits of the strategy you worked so hard to create, you must assemble a team of diverse marketing professionals who are schooled in all things content marketing. Here’s a look at who you need for your content marketing dream team:

  • The Stage Director: CMOs are most likely the ones to assume the role of the “stage director.” This individual isn’t necessarily in the trenches on a daily basis; however, when it comes to things like budgeting, new initiatives and onboarding fresh hires, he or she ultimately calls the shots. This individual is a strategic thinker, or someone who can bring tough issues to the surface—even when it’s uncomfortable—and search beyond the current boundaries of their business to find opportunities for growth.
  • The Quarterback: You can’t have a winning strategy without a skilled quarterback, or managing editor, leading the pack. This individual—the one responsible for running the editorial calendar, coordinating content submissions from internal and external contributors, reviewing metrics and creating content—should have a wide range of skills and expertise. Not only should he or she have exemplary writing and editing skills, but this person should embody the necessary leadership skills—such as good communication, critical thinking and natural intuition—to manage a team of employees.
  • The Journalist: Former journalists, especially those who have past experience working in a “digital newsroom,” make for great content writers. Not only are they natural storytellers, but they know how work well under pressure and multitask. Remember, you can teach a new hire how to use your content management system or marketing automation platform, but you can’t teach him or her how to write compelling content; that comes with years of experience and talent.
  • The Social Butterfly: Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become powerful tools for content distribution and engagement. You need a social media manager who’s familiar with analytics and has a knack for creative writing. After all, he or she often only has 140 characters to capture the attention of followers. This person must also be comfortable with emerging trends and technologies as the social media industry is constantly changing as new platforms and strategies are rapidly being introduced.
  • The SEO Expert: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird. To everyday people these are simply names of different zoo animals, but to SEO professionals these are complex Google algorithms. SEO plays an important role in content marketing as it ensures that content ranks preferably with search engines; therefore make sure you have a dedicated expert on your team. Besides familiarity with things like coding, web design and data analytics, this person should stay abreast changes in the “search world” as you never know when a new animal will be released.
  • The Grammar Nerd: Do you know someone who can spot a misplaced modifier from a mile away? Whether you’re creating five or 50 content pieces a month, you must have an editor on hand to ensure content stays polished and pristine. This individual is not only responsible for ensuring proper grammar, but he or she is also tasked with making sure content aligns with buyer personas and the businesses’ value proposition.
  • The Sixth Man: In basketball, the sixth man is a player who is not a starter but is an equally talented player who comes off the bench consistently to help the team. Think of a third-party content strategy vendor as your “sixth man.” When needed, this agency can be called upon to help with everything from social media management to content creation. Because let’s face it, you don’t always have the bandwidth, funds or talent to bring your strategy to fruition.

Content marketing is a difficult strategy to master; however when done successfully, it can help take your business to the next level. Make sure you have the right team in place to help do this.

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Editorial-Shoot-Brooke Before she got bitten by the marketing bug, Brooke Neuman worked as a copy editor for Content Boost’s parent company, TMC. As a veteran Content Producer, Brooke draws on her leadership skills and writing expertise to help clients reach their marketing goals. She’s also the creative mind behind the Content Boost blog, featured articles and eNews platforms. When she’s not coming up with killer headlines, you can find her at the beach working on her tan, coaching lacrosse and enjoying her favorite pastime—shopping.  Brooke graduated from Endicott College—where she helped the Gulls win four-peat CCC Women’s Lacrosse Championships—with a degree in contemporary journalism.

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