Warning: You Are Losing Sight of the Customer

shutterstock_telescopeI had an interesting conversation with a colleague earlier this week while reviewing a story I had written for a client. I was quite pleased with the way the piece came out and was looking forward to getting feedback from my teammate before finalizing it and sending it off. I felt the post had a natural flow and was well-written, so I felt confident that my client would receive it well.

In general, the team member who edited the story agreed with my assessment but did include a caveat. Why, she asked, would my client’s customers care about this piece? Reading the post back, it struck me that I had not included enough value to ensure that the reader left having learned something or with a question to ponder.

I was caught a little off-guard by this realization since I make a concerted effort to keep customers—both Content Boost’s and our clients’—top of mind in everything I write. But, in thinking about it a little more deeply, I realized this was an excellent reminder of one of the critical core concepts that Content Boost believes in and  that members of our team will discuss during our upcoming workshops at ITEXPO in Miami—content marketing is not about you.

As a marketer—especially one who loves to write—it is easy to get a little too swept up in our own content from time to time. We get so much satisfaction out of coming up with the perfect lead or conclusion that we may briefly lose sight of the fact that almost everything we produce should be aimed at engaging the target audience.

Fortunately, here at Content Boost, I am surrounded by a group of dedicated professionals and a culture that promotes collaboration. We are constantly reading each other’s work, making suggestions, tweaking and ultimately delivering a polished, valuable piece of content to our clients.

But many marketers are not so fortunate. With so much pressure to produce engaging material and juggle a dozen other tasks, it can be difficult to find the time to think critically about your own content before disseminating it to your clients, let alone have a co-worker lend his or her perspective.

That’s where a trusted content strategy vendor like Content Boost can be incredibly value to you. We spend the time researching, thinking about, producing and editing your content so you don’t have to worry about it. We have a team of editors dedicated only to providing thought-provoking material that provides your customers with the value they expect when they read something you’ve produced.

If you feel time constraints have kept you from providing the content your customers expect, there is help available. All you have to do is ask. 


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