Leveraging Your Teammates’ Skills to Become a Better Marketer

Earlier this week I got into an interesting conversation with several peers about what role collaboration can and should play in the workplace. We decided that, generally speaking, organizations tend to view bringing employees with different but complementary skill sets together as the most effective way of completing large or complex projects. If every individual piece of a task is assigned to a worker with an appropriate skill set, the finished product will likely reflect professionalism and expertise.


A collaborative culture is also beneficial beyond the way it helps organizations solve problems and complete projects. For example, working shoulder to shoulder with a colleague who possesses different strengths than you do is a wonderful opportunity for professional, individual and team development. If you are a marketer who excels at producing witty social media posts but struggles with white papers, take the opportunity to learn from someone who specializes in those longer form assets when you are paired with that individual on an account.

The Internet is full of engaging, helpful articles about how to hone your skills and increase your value as a marketer (you are reading one right now!), but the truth is that in many cases, your best resource may be sitting in the cube across from you. The best marketers—and professionals in general—are always looking for learning opportunities wherever they may present themselves. And rather than flying to a conference or paying to attend a seminar, the best part of capitalizing on growth opportunities in your office is that they don’t cost a penny.

Of course, not every marketing team is complete with an expert in every area of the space, so your organization may choose to outsource some of its needs to a third-party, like a content strategy vendor. And although the team of expert content creators such an organization provides is not technically part of your team, the most effective vendors  integrate seamlessly with your existing team to fill in any skills gaps.

If you decide that outsourcing your content marketing needs to a team of expert content creators is the right decision for your business, be sure to soak up their knowledge during the collaborative process just as you would a full-time colleague. No matter what role you play on your marketing team, a more complete understanding your company’s entire marketing strategy will make you better at your job and provide you opportunities for growth in the future.

EricKnown around the office as the unofficial (or official if you ask him) “Content Boost Mayor,” Eric Lebowitz is one of Content Boost’s Digital Content Editors. Before joining the team, Eric worked in development at the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut, and “Golf Digest Magazine.” With experience in account management and content creation, Eric has helped dozens of clients bolster their Web traffic and customer acquisition.  When he’s not cracking jokes in the cubes, you can find him on the golf course working on his handicap. He’s also a recent newlywed. Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Journalism from Purchase College in Purchase, New York.