What Can Content Marketing Do For Your Business?

There’s no question that content marketing is increasingly among business leaders. As evidenced in a recent infographic from Smart Insights, 29.6 percent of readers claimed that content marketing is the most commercially important marketing trend in 2015.

That’s more than twice as much as big data, which came in at 14.6 percent. Marketing automation, for that matter, came in even lower at 12.8 percent.

shutterstock_229790977You may be wondering: What exactly can content marketing do for your organization? Stop and think about whether the following needs apply to your business.

Do you need to:

Increase brand awareness? You know that your business is capable of receiving mainstream media attention; all you need is to get more eyes and ears focused on what your company can offer and how you differentiate from competitors. Right now, when customers visit your website or blog they see products and solutions—but they don’t see clear examples of those items can benefit them, or how your business fits into your industry at large.

Through content marketing, you can capture your readers’ interest through compelling case studies, in-depth white papers and engaging blog posts. In effect, your website can be transformed from a products and solutions page into a living resource.

Foster brand loyalty? Your customers may be using your products and services, but do they know your brand’s story? Are they brand evangelists who can’t wait to praise you to family and friends? Through content marketing, you can connect with your customers and take them behind the scenes into your business’s operations. Through content marketing, long-term brand loyalty can be forged through storytelling and advanced insight about your company.

Create a community? One of the coolest parts about a content marketing strategy is that, if it is executed correctly, customers will consistently come back to your company to learn information about product releases, obtain industry news and share information. One company that does an amazing job of using content to encourage online community building is the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ “Insights”, which was recently named third on Kapost’s list of top 50 content marketers. Insights is a living resource for current students and working professionals, as it offers interesting stories and compelling articles across a wide range of industries. Check out Insights for a great example of how content can get people excited about your program.

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