Why My Road Trip Got Me Thinking About Content Marketing Strategy

shutterstock_269296442In my opinion, there’s almost nothing quite like getting out on the open road, when everything feels new and the possibilities for adventure are endless.

I just recently enjoyed the incredible experience of driving coast to coast. What I valued most about the trip was the experience of driving, rather than flying, and being able to take in all of the scenery and changing landscapes as I made it from state to state. Taking in all of the sights, from mountains to flatland to deserts, made me think about my country and traveling in brand new ways that I’d never have realized had I foregone the car and hopped on a plane.

In this same respect, it’s important for content marketers to lend more attention to their content journey and the stops they must make on the way to their final destination; as a road tripper mine was San Francisco but as a content marketer it could be anything from increased lead generation, higher quality leads, quantifiable ROI or heightened brand awareness.

And while it’s important to have a clear vision of the bigger picture of your content marketing goals, it’s also crucial that content marketers take a step back and outline the steps it will take for them to get there, rather than trying to rush there as fast as they can. For instance, on my road trip I planned out where I would make all of my stops—from North Carolina to New Mexico to many places in between—this way I could have a definite plan in place ahead of time and a rough estimate of how much time it would take for me to reach my end destination.

But there are plenty of other ways my road trip correlates to content marketing strategy…here are a few highlights:

  • Making room for unexpected obstacles: Whether your wind shield wipers stop working during a rain storm in Texas or you find that crafting compelling, engaging blogs posts was more difficult than you first imagined, obstacles are bound to pop up during your journey. That’s why it’s important to allow for some wiggle room in your content marketing strategy and have a backup plan. For instance, maybe you’ll need to gather more consumer data to gather more specifics that will enable you to strengthen and personalize the messaging within your content.
  • Take the road less traveled: Rather than sticking to the highway for the entire journey, I took some detours through scenic routes, like the Blue Ridge Parkway that stretches from Roanoke, VA to Asheville, NC. Sure it set me back a few hours, but the experience was unforgettable, the lush mountainous landscape was something from an impressionist painting. Similarly, to garner more insights about what your next content marketing move should be you’ll need to step outside of your comfort zone. For example, maybe your audience would really like to see a video that explains the ins and outs of one your products or services, as this form of content is digestible and easy to watch on any device. Additionally, trying out new content platforms might also enable you to gather more important metrics that you can use to measure your target audience’s engagement.

So if you’re feeling a bit lost on your road to content marketing success try looking at it as a journey that must be mapped out before you embark. But don’t feel like you have to go it alone—it’s always better to travel with an expert by your side!

Editorial-Shoot-Diana-3Whether skydiving in Interlaken or free falling into hot oil pizza from Colony Grille, Diana Bishop knows a thing or two about adventure. After graduating from Keene State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, she has used her experiences while studying abroad in Barcelona to inject fresh perspective into her work at Content Boost. Admittedly “artsy” by nature, she enjoys painting and drawing whenever she has free time on her hands. Before she joined the team at Content Boost she organized promotions and wrote commercial copy for iHeartMedia, a global entertainment and media company.