Friday Reflections: There’s Always Time for Collaboration

I admit that I haven’t been able to keep up with this series at my desired biweekly pace (unexpected to-do’s and time crunching can get the best of every marketer!) but I’m happy to be back with the second edition of my ongoing “Friday Reflections” blog. Today I want to talk about collaboration.

As marketers we’re all more than familiar with the importance of collaboration; we need to collaborate with our clients on their campaigns and content deliverables, with our co-workers on internal projects, with partners on upcoming initiatives and more. But, as we also all know, time is not always on our side.


Looming deadlines, for instance, can sometimes take precedence over a much-needed collaboration session, which can compromise the quality of a project or deliverable in its final stages. Conversely, freeing yourself from your never-ending list of action items and calendar reminders—consciously making time to combine forces with those around you—can ensure you are maximizing the potential of every project you work on. It will keep your creative juices flowing and your energy levels buzzing.

This week I was reminded of just how important it is to make room in your schedule for deep collaborative sessions, no matter how cluttered your calendar is. For example, this week I worked closely with our Marketing Manager Rebecca Conyngham in order to finalize a presentation we will be jointly conducting at Content Boost’s upcoming Content Marketing Crash Course (taking place next Wednesday, July 22 at the NYU Kimmel Center).  Our willingness to meet on the fly to flesh out core aspects of our presentation, as well as tie together tiny details, made all of the difference in our ability to complete the project on time. If you’re joining us next week, we can’t wait to see you there!

As another example, this week our team traveled to nearby New York to visit a client on-site. This is one of my favorite aspects of my job as a Managing Content Producer, as it really pushes me to genuinely collaborate with my clients and team members. We were present, engaged and ready to fire on all cylinders when working in person this week with our client. The meeting proved extremely fruitful; we all walked out feeling refreshed, energized and full of new ideas that we honestly weren’t sure would have been conceived had we just had a traditional phone call or email exchange.

The bottom line is that when it comes to certain projects, tasks or campaigns you simply can’t afford to ignore collaboration. As inquisitive, energetic, conversational people, us marketers need collaboration to stay fulfilled in our roles. There’s a magic that surrounds true marketing collaboration—embrace it and make time for it.

bio picAllison Boccamazzo is a writer of many shapes and sizes. She is seasoned in the art of story-telling (she is currently working on getting her novel published) and, as Managing Content Producer at Content Boost, loves telling the tales of unique and unusual brands. When Allison is not managing content and serving as a brand advisor for her clients, she can be found (shamelessly) Netflixing, kickboxing or brainstorming new DIY projects for her apartment. Allison previously worked at “HGTV Magazine” and “Folio Literary Management.” She graduated Cum Laude from Assumption College with a degree in Writing and Mass Communications.