Yee-haw! A Successful Return from Dallas Editor’s Day

Anybody who knows me will verify that I’m a huge people person. I love to shoot the breeze, ask questions and learn more about the person I’m talking with; perhaps that’s due to my journalistic nature.

This is why I love attending Editor’s Day, an event hosted frequently by Technology Marketing Corporation that invites a number of organizations to sit down with us and talk about their brand stories, their core competencies and what they’re doing in their niche marketplaces. Almost a year ago we were in Boston for Editor’s Day, speaking with companies located in the New England area. Last week we were in Dallas, where we were met by dozens of companies eager to discuss the latest with us.

Not only was I excited because I spent the week in Dallas and I’m a Cowboys fan (or should I say Cowboys fan by association thanks to my fiancé) but as a marketer, there’s nothing I love more than getting to hear the unique brand stories of various organizations.

Whether it’s hearing about what’s on the horizon for a company in 2016 to learning about a prolific moment a CEO or founder thought up his or her innovative concept or product solution, it’s truly fulfilling to be able to leave the hustle and bustle of the office and sit down with some friendly faces (if you follow my blog then you know I’m a big fan of keeping in touch, as I wrote about earlier this year).

Don’t get me wrong—advances in technology have made it easier than ever to host a video conferencing session; however, there is a unique and distinctive feel to being in contact with others. I think this human element is needed in the marketing world.

A sincere thank you to those companies that took the time to spend their afternoons with us down in Dallas last week. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you again soon! In the meantime, stay tuned to find out where Content Boost and TMC will be for our next Editor’s Day!

bio picAllison Boccamazzo is a writer of many shapes and sizes. She is seasoned in the art of story-telling (she is currently working on getting her novel published) and, as Director of Brand Strategy at Content Boost, loves telling the tales of unique and unusual brands. When Allison is not managing content and serving as a brand advisor for her clients, she can be found (shamelessly) Netflixing, kickboxing or brainstorming new DIY projects for her apartment. Allison previously worked at “HGTV Magazine” and “Folio Literary Management.” She graduated Cum Laude from Assumption College with a degree in Writing and Mass Communications.