Three Ways to Make Your Content Blossom This Spring

tulip-690320_1280Springtime is a light at the end of a dark and seemingly never-ending tunnel for residents of New England. Though we are used to crazy weather, the wintry mix of snow, sleet and arctic winds can quell the spirits of even the staunchest optimists among us. Spring’s long, warm days and blossoming flowers are a welcome relief after the cold and ice.

Fortunately for us New Englanders, we know that no matter how long and grueling the winter months seem, springtime will come once again. Unfortunately, a similar respite is not the purview of those marketers whose marketing strategy over the past few months has resulted in little more than a deep freeze Instead, someone needs to intervene.

That is, marketers can’t just kick back and hope that their content marketing strategy will eventually garner optimal results. Without continuous improvement, your brand message will wither and fade like, well, the leaves of the trees as winter approaches.

As such, here are three different ways you can ensure your content marketing strategy blossoms this spring

  • Make a documented plan: If you feel like you’re stuck in a content marketing ice age, meaning that you generated little to no new consumer engagement, it’s probably because you haven’t taken the time to do your research and create a documented content marketing plan. Take note of what your competitors are doing with their content. How do you match up? Use the information you gather to create a written plan that you can reference to keep your strategy from veering off course. With that said, however, ensure that your documented plan is more of an outline, rather than written in stone, so that you can adjust it as new trends and business goals evolve over the years.
  • Go out on a creative limb: Playing it safe is boring, and your key targets want to do business with brands that are creative and innovative. As such, look at your content marketing strategy as a place to be experimental. Encourage content writers and social media specialists to work together to cultivate a brand voice that is unlike any of your competitors. Whether you decide to inject more humor into your posts or perhaps take a stance on a social or environmental issue, make sure that you’re taking your content to the next level 100 percent of the time so that you can avoid churning out run-of-the-mill blogs and social posts that are easily overlooked.
  • Use new content channels: Is your brand a little anti-social or perhaps a bit camera-shy? Now is the time to face your fears because social media and video are two of consumers’ favorite content channels. Work on creating a more robust social media presence if you haven’t already, and try experimenting with new platforms, like Instagram. What’s more, try your hand at producing videos so that you can entice your audience with more visual and interactive content. Launching a new product or service? Create a video to introduce it and provide a tutorial.

Just as April showers bring May flowers, a little re-strategizing and reorganizing can breathe new life into your content strategy. Use these three tips to make sure that you can make your content bloom this spring. And if you need a little help getting started, third-party content strategy vendors are eager to give you a hand.

Editorial-Shoot-Diana-3Whether skydiving in Interlaken or free falling into hot oil pizza from Colony Grille, Diana Bishop knows a thing or two about adventure. After graduating from Keene State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, she has used her experiences while studying abroad in Barcelona to inject fresh perspective into her work at Content Boost. Admittedly “artsy” by nature, she enjoys painting and drawing whenever she has free time on her hands. Before she joined the team at Content Boost she organized promotions and wrote commercial copy for iHeartMedia, a global entertainment and media company.