Eight Things You Would Rather Do Instead of Blogging

You have a problem: Your blog needs content—and lots of it.

You’re not feeling up to the challenge, though. You hate writing—detest it, even. The blank page frightens you. And the thought of having to generate ideas—week in and week out—is maddening.

How much do you hate writing? Here are eight things you would rather do than spend any time producing content for your blog:

1. Mine


What’s better than sitting in a cold, windowless cubicle banging your head against the wall for ideas? Why, sitting in a cold, airless and dark mine shaft banging a sledge hammer against hard rock.

2. Get caught in a massive scandal


Fighting for your name and reputation amidst constant negative press coverage doesn’t sound too fun. But it sure beats getting called into your boss’s office for publishing something that completely missed the mark.

3. Wrestle a bear 


It would just be you versus a 300-pound mama grizzly in the middle of the woods. Good luck! At least you won’t have to worry about turning the episode into a witty story.

4. Burn down your house


Watching your house go up in flames would at least be more entertaining than reading your article 50 times over before publishing it.

5. Steal from a child


It doesn’t get much lower than that. But it sure beats inadvertently stealing another writer’s ideas by “repurposing” content when you can’t think of anything yourself.

6. Go to jail


At least you’d have some time to think about your next topic.

7. Get food poisoning


Then you would have a real excuse for not coming to work! Other than the lame one you make to avoid your writing assignment.

8. Go to hell


That’s right—hell. The one place where NOBODY wants to go, for any reason. Just pray that they don’t make you write content down there …

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