Is Your Marketing Department Cursed?

hit-1407826__180Are your marketing campaigns falling on deaf ears? Do your organization’s social media accounts leave you feeling like a wallflower? Are your leads going cold? Is your content stale and gathering digital dust?

Do you ever get the sense that maybe your marketing department is cursed?

If so, you might take some relief in the fact that the Chicago Cubs, Major League Baseball’s official lovable losers, just found a way to break their own 108 year curse. After over a century of futility, the Cubs finally found a way to claim a World Series title after an incredible extra-inning Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Indians Wednesday night.

It all started when the Cubs acquired General Manager Theo Epstein back in 2011—the very same Theo Epstein that snapped the Red Sox 86 year title drought back in 2004. Epstein signed a five year deal with the Cubs, and his five year plan finally put the Cubs over the top.

Epstein credits the team’s success to several strategic decisions. He placed an emphasis on filling his roster with versatile players with high moral fiber. He invested in heavily in his farm system to develop prospects internally. But at the same time, he wasn’t afraid to bring in free agents like flamethrower Aroldis Chapman and veteran catcher David Ross.

So if you’re feeling like there might be a hex on your marketing department, take a few tips from the Cubs.

For starters, you’ve got to recognize that if you aren’t making any progress internally, you might be best served to bring in a marketing vendor that can help you break out of your slump. Just like the Cubs hired Epstein, procuring the services of a dedicated content vendor can help revitalize your marketing campaigns.

In addition, Epstein didn’t expect to break his curse overnight. He knew that building a champion would take time. So if your team is struggling to develop a long-term strategy to build around, let your content vendor help. Content specialists are adept at crafting content that can live on your website, social media accounts and even third party sites—ideal for boosting engagement that will lead to long-term success.

And just like Theo Epstein built his team around the perfect combination of homegrown talent, key free agent signings and an insistence upon fielding players with high character and leadership skills, a dedicated content vendor can help you decide how to populate your website with a blend of blogs, whitepapers, case studies, e-books and more—providing all of them on a consistent basis without sacrificing quality.

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Keith Batter, known as “The Machine” due to his ability to provide quality content on a tight deadline, earned his degree in Creative Writing from Colorado University. Keith’s interest in a multitude of topics imbues his writing with valuable insights that resonate with readers in many fields. His work experience spans industries as diverse as hospitality (Thistledown Inn Bed and Breakfast), insurance (American Income Life Insurance), sales, journalism, publishing and even a brief foray into politics as a community organizer during the 2008 presidential election. In his spare time, Keith is difficult to find. Equipped only with a guitar, notebook and a liter of water, he frequently disappears deep into the forest with his wife and dog to evade civilization and wax poetic about the nature of existence.