Are We Speaking The Same Language?

translate-110777_1280Just recently, I was poking around on the website of a global technology provider when I came across several glaring translation errors.

These were not just spelling or grammatical mistakes. There were many sentences that made absolutely no sense. Some were comical, but it was mostly just painful to read.

It got me thinking…

How on earth does this happen?

It’s one thing to see translation errors on the website of a small business, which may not get a great deal of traffic or attention. It’s quite another to see translation errors on the website of a large, multinational corporation. And yet, this happens more than you would think!

We don’t need to spend too much time on why this is a problem. Translation errors look unprofessional, and can expose a company to public ridicule if they are discovered by customers or competitors.

So if you are an international business, take a look at your website. Is it rife with errors that could go viral for the wrong reasons? It’s worth having a team of native English-speaking editors audit your website to make sure everything looks normal. You could save your business a great deal of embarrassment.

This is also a great opportunity to identify new ways of communicating with your customers. When is the last time you updated your “about” section, blog, product descriptions or mission statement?

Here at Content Boost, our editors have a sharp eye for detail and a strong creative flair. We’ll give your website the professional touch it needs to convince visitors that your business means business.

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