Why Too Many Meetings Can Be Death for Marketers’ Productivity

For marketers, the number of meetings we attend can sometimes feel overwhelming. For example, personally speaking, I am proud to take part in some of my organization’s most important collaborative sessions and decision-making processes. Between half-day strategic sessions and ad-hoc meetings, however, some weeks can feel a bit nightmarish.

I’m not the only marketer who feels this way. Research from software development company Atlassian found that 45 percent of employees feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings they must attend every month—over 60 meetings for most employees, or about two per day. Although there is no specific data on the length of these meetings, consider that even two half-hour meetings per day amounts to five hours per week.

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Time Management Tips from Marketers: How to Handle Weekly Obligations

As a marketer it can be tough handling countless, never-ending obligations on a week-to-week basis. If only we were tasked with sitting down and banging out 20-plus stories by the end of the week we would feel infinitely less stressed.

But this is the real world where marketers have calendar pop-ups and strategically placed post-it notes to remind us to update editorial calendars, review client workloads, conduct weekly client calls and attend monthly internal team meetings, among many other responsibilities. Before you know it, that once blank schedule is now filled to the brim with a number of seemingly small tasks that quickly add up—and it can be completely overwhelming.

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Calling All Marketers: It’s Time to Pay it Forward

shutterstock_242545840I remember the first time I heard the phrase “pay it forward.” I went to see that 2000 Haley Joel Osment film “Pay it Forward” and sat captivated as I watched seventh grader Trevor McKinney set out to change the world for the better. It got me thinking of the sheer magnitude of change we could leave behind if each of us paid it forward just once.

I was amazingly reminded of the concept last week on my drive to Rhode Island to visit a Content Boost client. About 20 minutes into the ride up north, I noticed I was out of wiper fluid. Now I am pretty responsible/adept when it comes to my car. But I must confess I have never filled up the washer fluid before.

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Tips for Staying in the Marketing Moment

A lot goes into successful content marketing. Meticulous planning, creativity, timing and an intimate knowledge of your brand message are all critical ingredients that together help marketers create engaging, effective content.

One concept marketers—me included—often overlook, however, is the importance of staying present and connected to the moment and task immediately ahead. Although it may seem like a wacky, Zen-like precept, staying firmly in the moment can mean the difference between success and failure.


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Content Creation: A Marketer’s Double-Edged Sword

shutterstock_161159720We often come to the realization that sometimes our greatest strengths or supports can become our biggest setbacks. For example, someone who is a perfectionist can tap into that Type-A drive to execute a number of initiatives; but that unending search for betterment can also handicap progress.

Content creation is just as confusing. While marketers know that content creation, especially in the form of SEO-driven pieces, is perhaps their most effective marketing tactic today it can also prove especially frustrating. In fact, according to a recent study from Ascend2, which polled 270 B2B marketing professionals around the world, almost 60 percent identified content creation as their most effective strategy. But still, 54 percent reported that it is an extremely difficult tactic to execute well.

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Second Graders Learning the Art of Persuasive Writing? Two Steps Forward for Content Marketing

shutterstock_141101980The concept of persuasive writing—and persuasive argument, for that matter—was not introduced to me until my senior year of high school during AP English. I remember it vividly. I was taught that writing should not just be a string of words, but rather a compilation of words that influence how someone acts, feels and thinks. It’s about taking an active stance and communicating effectively to your audience in a simple, albeit powerful way. It’s in essence marketing. And it’s not easy.

So you can imagine my shock when I learned this Sunday that my niece and nephew (only second graders!) are being instructed on how to write persuasively in school.

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Celebrating a Decade of Social Media and Preparing for What’s to Come

facebookIn today’s ever-changing consumer and corporate environments, a decade might as well be a lifetime. Flashback 10 years ago, for example, to see just how far we have come.

For starters, Mark Zuckerberg was tucked away in his Harvard dorm room inventing a social network that would fundamentally change the way in which we interact on both a personal and professional level. BBM, thanks to BlackBerry, was sweeping the nation and the terms “iPhone” and “Siri” were not yet a part of our common vernacular. And TV shows like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire” still dominated our TV line-up.

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The Job of a Marketer: Always be Awake

shutterstock_161159720You know how accountants and financial planners see the world in numbers, formulas and percentages? Well, as a marketer, do you feel like you see the world in terms of strategy, brand tactics and messaging? You are not alone.

I have slowly started to come to the realization that the more I immerse myself in the marketing realm, the harder it is for me to turn off that marketing lens. For example, a simple TV commercial is no longer just a commercial. Rather, it’s a window for me to assess the company’s branding efforts and marketing strategy. Similarly, even a simple flyer that I receive in my mailbox or that I pass on the street cannot escape my marketing lens. I am evaluating the flyer on its font type, its verbiage and its originality. Simply put, the job of a marketer is to always be awake. To always be discerning. And to always be searching for the best campaign.

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Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014

shutterstock_160206998I don’t know about you, but I gave up on the whole New Year’s resolution thing awhile ago. It’s not that I wasn’t keeping my resolutions; it was that I found it much more impactful to do a self-reflection at the end of every year and think more thematically about the type of person I want to be as opposed to one or two things to tackle for the upcoming year. After all, it feels silly to say things like “I will eat more spinach in 2014” and more aspiring to say “I will be a more health-conscious.”

The end of the year is not only an opportune time for you to personally reflect on areas you would like to improve upon, but it’s also a critical time to encourage your business to ask those ever-important questions. As a marketer, there are a multitude of strategies and tactics you can implement in 2014, so to help you navigate your best course, here are a couple of key questions to get you started: Continue reading “Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014”