Content Creation: A Marketer’s Double-Edged Sword

shutterstock_161159720We often come to the realization that sometimes our greatest strengths or supports can become our biggest setbacks. For example, someone who is a perfectionist can tap into that Type-A drive to execute a number of initiatives; but that unending search for betterment can also handicap progress.

Content creation is just as confusing. While marketers know that content creation, especially in the form of SEO-driven pieces, is perhaps their most effective marketing tactic today it can also prove especially frustrating. In fact, according to a recent study from Ascend2, which polled 270 B2B marketing professionals around the world, almost 60 percent identified content creation as their most effective strategy. But still, 54 percent reported that it is an extremely difficult tactic to execute well.

In other words, we as marketers understand that custom copy can be our biggest strategic play, but we are still wholly unprepared when it comes to conceptualizing a successful content strategy. So how can you stop thinking of content as our kryptonite and start viewing it as a powerful, profitable tool? What can you do to have your content work for you, rather than against? Let’s take a look:

  • Strategize, strategize, strategize: Did we mention strategize? The reason content creation feels so daunting is because you are probably approaching it in a slap-dash manner. You are throwing lots of different techniques and tactics against the wall to see what sticks and most likely are coming up short in the number of website visitors, click through ratings and social conversations. To enable your content to work for you, you need to have a strategy. For instance, here at Content Boost, as a content strategy vendor we start at the very beginning with each and every one of our clients. We conduct a feasibility assessment of potential keywords for which to optimize for; we conduct competitive R&D to see how other players are faring in the content game in your space; and we create an action plan for what we want to achieve with your content. Identify short- and long-term content goals as well as an integrated strategy that is intrinsically linked to profitability.
  • Secure your Ateam: Chances are that if your existing content strategy is failing you it’s because you don’t have the right people at the helm steering your content ship. Don’t assume that because your marketing manager writes perfect website copy that he or she is equipped to craft just as compelling blog copy. After all, websites and blogging platforms are two completely different entities. Your content can become your most effective marketing tool if you have the right people leading your efforts. So begin the search—both internally and externally—to secure first-rate bloggers, social media strategists, SEO experts, designers and email marketers. And keep in mind that securing your A-team may require you to look toward a third party vendor. 66 percent of B2B and 63 percent of B2C marketers do outsource their writing to a third-party vendor.
  • Get Creative: Content stops feeling like an intimidating beast when you an embrace an innovative mindset. Be willing to push the envelope; be willing to—dare we say it—fail. The only way to really enjoy success is to push creativity to the forefront and sidestep fear. So get creative. Take a stab at white paper and case study creation. Launch a webinar series. Cue up your subject matter experts for recurring podcasts. At Content Boost, for example, we constantly encourage our clients to think outside of the box. Maybe that means covering a controversial topic. Or perhaps it means playing around with tone in blogging and being willing to be snarky, humorous, whatever it may be.

Content creation doesn’t have to be the thing keeping you up late at night with worry. With the right mindset, strategy and team your content is a few clicks away from driving leads, retention and profit to your business.

Still struggling with how to get started? Then reach out to us; we are happy to begin the conversation with you about how to make content your friend, not foe.

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