Facebook vs. Twitter: Who Can Deliver the Content Marketing Punch?

Rivalries…we all love them. Coke vs. Pepsi, Leno vs. Letterman, Droid vs. iPhone, Eagles vs. Giants; we all have our favorites. Personally, I’m a coke guzzling-Letterman/ iPhone/Giants-kind-of-girl, but we won’t get into that. Oftentimes, rivalries make for some extra funny family dinners or corporate atmospheres (March Madness anyone?).

But friendly enemies aren’t just made on the field or on late night TV. In fact, a battle has ensued in the social media world and there is no shortage of opinions on whose packing the biggest punch. In corner one coming in at 1 billion users we have Facebook. And in corner two coming in at 500 million users we have Twitter.  

As of December 2012, 67 percent of online adults were using social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, and 93 percent of marketers use social media for business. Now I could flood you with hundreds of other statistics showing you the power behind Facebook and Twitter, but you already know that right? The fact is, whether you’re a Facebook fanatic or “totally” Twitter, if your business isn’t using social media you might as well be digging your own grave.

But that being said, keep in mind that it is crucial to develop separate social media strategies for each platform as they both serve different purposes: just ask the millions of “Team Twitter” “Team Facebook” users.    

Delivering the same message through different social networking portals is a fatal mistake for businesses. Knowing who your audience is and how they like to receive information is the key to success. You wouldn’t sell Tupperware at a Harley Davidson trade show or Justin Bieber t-shirts at Bingo night would you?

The same could be said about marketing your product or services through Facebook and Twitter. You have to know if your customers are actually using Facebook before you waste all your effort and money putting together a Facebook marketing strategy.  Don’t set yourself up for disaster.

For example, women are more likely to use Facebook than men and 73 percent of its users are ages 30-49. This makes Facebook a perfect avenue for an anti-aging cosmetics company to market their products opposed to Twitter who has more male users, with the majority being ages 18-29. Moreover, city dwellers are more likely than those living in rural areas to use Twitter, so marketing lawn mowers on Twitter may not be your best bet.

Twitter is fast-paced news packed portal, where you have less than 60 seconds to grab the attention of users. A long-winded message about your new product or service will not survive and it can’t (140 characters!); but a punchy attention grabbing headline will. Facebook, on the other hand, is for the more nostalgic grazing types that like to connect with friends and family and reminisce over old photos. For companies, a longer more detailed message will work.

Now is the time to decide what team you’re on… Facebook or Twitter. Or you could always be a fair weather fan and use both. But remember to give each platform equal attention and change up your marketing strategies because user demographics are not one in the same.

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