Want Better SEO Rankings? Create Better Content

SEO - Search engine optimizationJust when you thought you finally understood today’s SEO best practices, Google unleashes another animal from its cage and totally flips what you thought you knew upside down. While you can curse the Google Gods and swear never to use the search engine again, it won’t do you any good. Face it; in a world in which 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, you need Google and Google needs you.

From Panda to Penguin, Google has undoubtedly changed the SEO game. Today, it’s no longer acceptable to produce sites littered with low quality and inundated with keyword stuffed articles that offer no real value to readers. These days, it’s all about original quality content. Google and other search engines are focused on delivering users the best experience, which means sites that create relevant, original content will shine. If your goal is to improve your SEO rankings then the solution is clear; you must invest in quality content creation.

In fact, 92 percent of SEO marketers say that content creation is an effective SEO tactic and 76 percent regularly invest in content creation, according to a recent infographic commissioned by Sekari. However, stringing together a bunch of words isn’t going to cut it. Marketers must create content that not only engages readers, but teaches them something. Timely news/trends pieces, Q&As, how-to’s, infographics, product reviews, white papers are types of content that will improve your search rankings and build thought leadership and brand awareness.

Moreover, sites that publish “shareable” content – or content that users pass onto their friends through social media platforms – will improve SEO. In fact, search engine Bing uses Facebook “likes” as a ranking factor.

Producing good content doesn’t just boost SEO rankings; it also has a significant impact on conversion rates. According to the aforementioned infographic, 52 percent of consumers say blogs have impacted their purchasing decisions, while 57 percent of online marketers say they have acquired a new customer via their blog.

Instead of thinking of Google as your arch enemy, think of it as your best marketing asset that can put your brand in front of millions of potential customers. If you play your cards right and follow SEO best practices, the odds of climbing to the top of Google’s search results are in your favor.

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