Content Marketing: Make it Memorable

shutterstock_101774389Think long and hard about the last blog you read that you remembered. What made it memorable? Was it the artistic use of alliteration in the title? Was it the fact that the lead was totally unpredictable? Now try to think about the last billboard you drove past that really pulled at your heartstrings.

Are you coming up blank trying to remember anything that riveting?

You are not alone. The truth is we are knee-deep in a world of sensory overload. We are slammed with countless messages every day—from emails to social media feeds to text messages. The list does not even remotely stop there. Industry pundits predict that we come across anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages a day. And that doesn’t even account for personal messages! Feeling tired yet?

As a marketer, you are competing against thousands upon thousands of messages a day, not to mention trying to appeal to consumers who are increasingly feeling agitated, overwhelmed and migraine-ridden. So your task is simple: Make your copy enjoyable; make it relatable; make it comical; and, above all, make it great.

Think about your current content strategy. Are you determined to produce super technical, highly informative blog posts that will demonstrate your thought leadership? Do you want spec-heavy, vocabulary-laden posts designed for a specific audience in mind? But have you considered that maybe that audience is tired too? The fact is you can have outstanding content that is rich with valuable market insight, details and value add without being drab. There’s a difference. Content can be serious and informative while still being creative.

The next time you find yourself telling your editors that you need extremely well-detailed, well-researched and formal copy, take a breath and pause. Do you really want that, after all? Do you want someone to leave your blog post feeling exhausted and unexcited about your industry? Of course not. You want them to feel invigorated, educated and ready to read your next post. Keep in mind that you can weave creativity into the densest of subject matters. And you can approach typically drab blogs from a completely new angle.

What comes to mind when you hear the company name AT&T? Is it the “It’s Not Complicated” commercials? Most likely it is because these commercials are so simple in nature, comical and extremely compelling. Don’t spend ample time producing copy that will get lost in the sea and exacerbate the exhaustion.

Do something different. Do something memorable.

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