Channel Your Inner Minuteman to Bounce Back Your Brand

I know it’s only January, but I’m already getting excited about college basketball—mainly because my Alma Mater, UMass, is currently holding down the number 19 spot in the nation. And after a victory over rival St. Joseph’s, all signs indicate that they could move up even further in the rankings.

4704575195_a9006fc904In case you are unfamiliar with UMass basketball, there hasn’t been much to get excited about over the past 15 years. But this year, the Minutemen are carrying themselves a little bit differently. While there is still a long season to go, at 13-1 UMass is in a great spot and has re-established itself as a college basketball powerhouse. There is a pulse in the Mullins Center again, and it looks like UMass finally has what it takes to get a little mad when March basketball rolls around.

Maybe your brand is a bit like the UMass basketball program, struggling to regain its footing for a well-deserved place in the national limelight. If you’re looking to garner positive attention from other businesses or consumers, and want to bring your brand back to its former glory, content marketing could be the ticket that you need.

That’s because content marketing has proven itself to be a lead generation machine, helping to increase brand awareness and establish thought leadership. And it will help drive ROI, too. In fact, recent research indicates that blogs are now the third most influential digital resource during the purchasing decision. Consumers want informative articles that they can share and spread over social media sites and web pages.

Content marketing will also shoot your brand up the Google search engine rankings, so you can be the number one destination for customers when they look for you on Google.

So, if you started the season with low expectations, look to the Minutemen for inspiration that you can easily bounce back. All it takes is a little boost, and your brand could be dancing just like UMass this coming spring.