The Beauty of Content Marketing? Everybody has a Story to Tell

Before I entered the wonderful world of content marketing, I worked for Golf Digest Magazine, perhaps the most prestigious golf publication in the world. As a golf-lover, it was a job I enjoyed thoroughly and it was a job that was also highly educational.


Perhaps the most surprising and significant lesson I learned during that time was how important it is for amateur players to play with equipment custom fitted to their swing specifications. Many weekend hackers mistakenly believe that custom clubs are only beneficial for professionals when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

I probably should have picked up on this precept long before I started working at the magazine, when a few years ago several of the clubs in a hand-me-down set from my father snapped in the span of two months. At the time, I just thought the clubs were getting old and I was unlucky. In fact, his clubs were designed for a player with a slower swing speed than mine. Of course, that is a fairly dramatic example of what can happen when you play with ill-fitting equipment—most times your score suffers more than the clubs.

Not everybody who enjoys playing golf is going to take the time to learn about launch angles and smash factor, but almost everyone who plays is looking to improve by any means possible. If only there was a way clubfitters could communicate the importance of playing with custom equipment to golfers everywhere. Oh, right! There is, and it’s called content marketing.

Making highly specific or complex information digestible and interesting to potential customers is at the heart of what we do here at Content Boost. Great content marketing takes these intricate details and creates a story that helps consumers grasp the true value of a product or service. It’s content that provides…a boost.

Industry subtleties are not unique to golf equipment manufacturers or clubfitters—every business is full of nuances that can be lost on outsiders and casual observers. The key is transforming those details into information that has real impact on customers’ day-to-day lives. With the right perspective, any company can create customer engagement, because every business has a unique story to tell.

Have you found yours?