Five Desk Feng-Shui Tips to Bring Out the Real Marketer in You

I particularly love the Monday morning Twitter stream. From the excessive #DeathToMondays tweets to the downtrodden posts lamenting the arrival of another week , Monday’s Twitter feed can be filled with some of the most slapstick, engaging posts of the work week. This morning, I was pleasantly greeted by a great picture by TollFreeForwarding (did I mention I love pictures on Twitter?). Check it out:


And it got me thinking how the littlest changes we make on a Monday—like completing a first draft in 15 minutes and accepting that it may not be your best—can be a real game-changer in the business world. So when Monday hits next week, why not take a few minutes to Feng-Shui your desk to bring out the A-marketer in you?

1. Inject Color: Marketers thrive in creative, awe-inspiring environments. We light up when we see a sardonic, albeit compelling TV commercial. We earmark magazine advertisements that pull at our heart strings. And we help the most original YouTube videos go viral.. So why not bring that color and flavor right to your desk? Tack some pictures to your wall; print out that bar-raising slogan you created last year for your company; or bring in those colorful mugs your kids bought you for Mother’s Day. Bring color to an otherwise drab desk and allow your imagination to soar.

2. Stay Inspired: Here at Content Boost we never lose sight of our end goal: bolster our client’s brand awareness and thought leadership and drive profitability. We also remain committed to delivering a level of customer service that does not yet exist in the content marketing realm. To enforce that steadfast dedication, we have the following handout posted on each and every one of our desk walls:


Whether it’s an internal campaign that keeps your eye on the prize, or outside sources that keep the fire ignited (check out some of my favorites here), plaster the item on the walls of your desk.

3. Be Comfortable: For marketers, the ability to put pen to paper is critical—and if your desk is not optimized so that words flow freely, you may need to do some reshuffling. Before you can begin coming up with witty social media posts, riveting white papers or compelling blog entries, you have to make sure you feel physically comfortable. That means ensuring that your computer/laptop is at just the right height so you don’t get carpal tunnel; opting for a second—or third!—monitor to conceptualize better; and adjusting the computer screen lighting so it’s just right. No one can string words together eloquently with a killer migraine, after all.

4. Stay on Time: Deadlines are non-negotiable in marketing. After all, one missed deadline can cause a downward spiral of several company projects. For example, a delayed email marketing campaign could mean you can’t blast to your target audience. And not being able to blast means your sales team may be without qualified leads. To remain deadline-driven, therefore, invest in a calendar, Post-It notes and highlighters. These beloved school items will keep you on task and allow you to easily see where you fall in a month at any time.

5. Stay Fueled: Innovation can only happen if you are operating on a full tank of gas. So what will it take to keep your engine purring Whether it means having a special treat drawer—filled with chocolates and gummies—or a water bottle that always remains full, stay nourished and alert. And don’t feel guilty when you give into that 3 pm Oreo craving. Marketers need fuel to burn, too.


Did we miss anything? Let us know by tweeting at us and share your best marketing Feng-Shui tips!