Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes with Director of Content Marketing, Carrie Majewski

shutterstock_142997941When TMC decided to launch Content Boost, it knew it needed an experienced go-getter who wasn’t afraid of a challenge. So naturally the company turned to former journalist, marketer and TMC Web Editor Carrie Majewski, who’s worked with a variety of high-profile clients on branding strategy and copy creation from Sprint to Panasonic to AT&T.

As Content Boost’s Director of Content Marketing, Carrie is the muscle behind CB, helping manage brand and editorial strategy, foster client relationships and launch strategic partnerships. But Carrie isn’t your typical director.

“I had a very clear image of what I wanted to create,” Carrie said. “I wanted Content Boost to bleed passion, inspiration, ingenuity and integrity with every piece of copy we produce and every team member we hire. Above all else, I wanted to form a division made up of people who care—about their clients, team members and the greater marketing community.”

“Anyone who spends just five minutes with any member of the Content Boost team understands he or she is in the presence of an individual worthy of inspiration,” she added. “This is not your typical marketing team. This is a team of workhorses, innovators and helpers.”

When she’s not in the office, you can find this Syracuse alumn holding ground amongst the UConn alumn-dominated TMC; working on her right hook in boxing class (watch out!); or shamelessly binge watching her latest obsession on Netflix (she proudly just finished three seasons of “Scandal”). Learn more about Carrie in our five-minute catch-up:

1. Do you have a nickname?

Two nicknames… Schmelk, from my maiden name Schmelkin, and Car, pronounced C-AH (like when you stick out your tongue and say “ahhh”) – R not care or car, like an automobile. If you are not a New Yorker you will not be able to pronounce “Car” right, so do yourself a favor and stick with Schmelk.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Florence, no question. Give me some gelato, Via Di Amicis (the street I lived on for five months when I studied abroad), Santa Croce and a few RailEurope tickets to Rome and I am all set. Oh and some pasta con funghi once in a while.

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3. Any recent milestones or accomplishments? New parent? Did you just finish a marathon? Recently married?

picture 2In October of 2013, I married the love of my life, Oliver Majewski (yes you can cue the “aws” now). To celebrate our first year of newlywed bliss, we are taking a belated honeymoon this October to Europe. On the itinerary? Florence (see answer 2), Rome, the Italian Rivera and France. Arrivederci!

4. Are you more productive in the morning or afternoon and why?

Two things that may shock you: I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up on time and I don’t drink coffee—despite the fact that people are convinced I must drink at least three a day based on my energy level. If it were up to me, the work day would start at 6 am every day.

Unfortunately, these two factors are also most likely the reasons I cannot make it up past 9:30 pm or sleep past 7:30 am on the weekend. I think I am at the age where this is no longer lame so I feel secure enough to say this out loud.

5. If you could be on any reality TV show what would it be? And more importantly, could you win?

“So You Think You Can Dance.” I danced before I could walk and my experience on professional dance teams has enabled me to perform at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, among other venues. The chance to work with brilliant chorographers and awe-inspiring dancers would be nothing short of amazing.

Could I win? Absolutely not. I am humble enough to know that as great as I was in my heyday, the dancers on the show possess talent that’s other-worldly. I do think, however I could get a “yes” from Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for my initial audition!

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6. Biggest prediction for the content marketing industry in five years… GO!

I think five years from now it will near impossible to find even one company that does not have a blog. I was reading a report the other day titled “The New Rules of Selling” and one central sentiment stood out: educate and inform prospects instead of interrupting and selling. In other words, arm consumers with something they can read, learn and digest. Don’t give them a sales pitch.

Blogging will play the biggest role in sales moving forward. It will be a company’s chance to demonstrate thought leadership and subject matter expertise (instead of doling out pamphlets and specs) and it will be their way to elucidate on their core competencies (instead of having to embark on cold calling).

 7. What motivated you to join Content Boost?

When TMC asked me to head up the Content Boost division, it was a no-brainer. I’ve always believed in the power of words. Words tell stories, evoke emotions and incite behavior. I saw the potential to create a content marketing division centered upon crafting the right words for clients to help them increase brand awareness, drive ROI and improve customer acquisition and retention.

I set out on day one to create a content marketing division committed to unprecedented standards of excellence and unparalleled attention to customer service. Content Boost has become exactly that. A division redefining the content marketing outsourcing landscape.

8. What do you like most about working at Content Boost?

Waking up every day and believing in what we do here. Too many people go through life holding positions that are unfulfilling and unchallenging. I wake up every morning knowing that we are helping brands—helping them tell their corporate tale, fuel revenue growth and spread brand awareness.

It’s incredible that our clients let us in so we can become an extension of their marketing arm. That feeling we get when they let us know a blog we wrote got them their greatest number of hits to date or that a white paper we created played a critical role in lead generation is what keeps everyone on the Content Boost team striving for even more greatness.

 9. Who on the Content Boost editorial team would be most likely to survive on an island and why?

I’m going to go with one of our Content Producers Sal Trifilio. He is incredibly resourceful, adaptable and creative. Leave him a few supplies and I think he can get that fire and shelter going in no time.

10. What’s your favorite content marketing vehicle and why?

Blogging. I love to talk, write and weigh in on everything and anything. What platform could be better for a Chatty Cathy like me?

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