20 Most Unforgettable Quotes from CMWorld 2014

shutterstock_140911936This past week, over 2,500 marketing and business leaders from over 50 countries descended into Cleveland for Content Marketing World 2014 for four days of information-laden educational sessions, keynotes and workshops, highlighting everything from content creation to social media to data-driven ROI.

I was lucky enough to sit in on some incredible sessions lead by today’s top influences, including Joe Pulizzi, Andrew Davis,  Jay Baer,  and Ann Hadley to name a few (Yes, I sadly had to leave to before Kevin Spacey’s closing keynote to catch my plane, but don’t worry, I stalked Twitter for his key sentiments!). Having listened to dozens of experts over the years, I’ve heard some pretty inspirational quotes and received some outstanding advice, but there’s something about CMWorld 2014 that reignited my “marketing fire.”

So I thought I would share with you 20 of the most unforgettable quotes from this year’s show in hopes of inspiring you:

  1. “Effective content marketing is about more than just boosting traffic.” Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, @JoePulizzi
  2. “The conflict between who we are, who we want to be and who others think we are is central to the human experience.” Kevin Spacey, Actor, @KevinSpacey
  3. “Great storytelling is hard. Tying stories to revenue is even harder. Content marketers have to do both.” Andrew Davis, Founder of Monumental Shift, @TPLDrew
  4. “Tools are great, but content marketing success is about the wizard, not the wand.” Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert, @jaybaer
  5. “Behind every tweet, every share, every visit, every purpose…is a person.” Shafqat Islam, Co-founder of NewsCred, @shafqatislam
  6. “The speed at which we reply to issues almost matters as much as the reply itself.” Scott Stratten, Author, QR Codes Kill Kittens & Unmarketing,  @unmarketing
  7. “Build it and they will come is a great movie quote, but a terrible marketing strategy.” Mark Schaefer, Social Media Consultant, @markwschaefer
  8. “The job of marketers isn’t to interrupt, but to build relationships. Content builds relationships.” Tom Gerace, CEO of Skyword, @tomgerace
  9. “Content is simple, we have one job to do, empathize with your prospects and customers.” Jason Miller, Sr. Manager Content & Social Linkedin Marketing Solutions, @JasonMillerCA
  10. “The buyer’s journey will no longer be a guided tour.” Robert Rose, Chief Strategist Content Marketing Institute, @Robert_Rose
  11. “The people sales meet with don’t need content about the buying decision; they need content for inspiring decisions.” Peter O’Neill, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research GmbH, @poneillforr
  12. “Stories want to be told in the form they want to be told. Great storytellers are students of other storytellers.” Shane Snow, Co Founder of Contently, @shanesnow
  13. “Likes do matter! Build a highly relevant and engaged Facebook audience because fans covert.”Jon Loomer, Owner JonLoomer.com, @jonloomer
  14. “The empowered citizen is your audience. Don’t be scared of negative comments, embrace it.” David Pembroke, @davidpembroke
  15. “It will be unacceptable not to be a data-driven marketer at a time when there is so much data.” Allen Gannett, Founder of TrackMaven, @Allen
  16. “The robots have not replaced the writers.” Jay Acunzo, Director NextViewVC, @Jay_zo
  17. “Meaningful content is the catalyst that makes everything happen, it’s how your ideas are spread.” Mark Schaefer, Social Media Consultant, @markwschaefer
  18. “Content marketers can’t know best practices, just better practices, because there is still so much we don’t know yet.” Robert Rose, Chief Strategist Content Marketing Institute, @Robert_Rose
  19. “Content marketers are so focused on being first, but instead of being first we need to be right…first.” Scott Stratten, Author, QR Codes Kill Kittens & Unmarketing, @unmarketing
  20. “There are no more excuses. Anyone can build an audience. Just do it!” Kevin Spacey, Actor, @KevinSpacey

Did I miss your favorite speaker quote? Make sure to tweet @Content_Boost with your favorite or leave it in the comments section below. See you at next year’s show!

Editorial-Shoot-BrookeBefore she got bitten by the marketing bug, Brooke Neuman worked as a copy editor for Content Boost’s parent company, TMC. As a veteran Content Producer, Brooke draws on her leadership skills and writing expertise to help clients reach their marketing goals. She’s also the creative mind behind the Content Boost blog, featured articles and eNews platforms. When she’s not coming up with killer headlines, you can find her at the beach working on her tan, coaching lacrosse and enjoying her favorite pastime—shopping.  Brooke graduated from Endicott College—where she helped the Gulls win four-peat CCC Women’s Lacrosse Championships—with a degree in contemporary journalism.