9 Content Marketing ‘Hacks’ that Will Simplify Your Life

shutterstock_192400145Let’s face it; most marketers have a love/hate relationship with content (unless you’re like me). It’s the fuel that drives your marketing strategy, but it’s also the monster under your bed that keeps you up at night. I get it; writing mind-blowing headlines, creating editorial calendars, and editing 10-page whitepapers are enough to make your head spin.

But don’t give up on content just yet. Rekindle your relationship and uncomplicate your life with my nine content marketing hacks (because who really has time to read 10?):

Content Inspiration: As an expert content marketer, you’re well aware that blogging daily or every other day improves engagement and traffic.  However, generating exciting and relevant blog ideas can be exhausting, not to mention time consuming. Here are three easy ways to find inspiration for your next blog:

  1. Turn client inquires into ideas: Are you or your salespeople constantly asked the same questions over and over again by clients? Maybe it’s a question about how your product or service works, or something related to your industry. Whatever it is, use it to create a blog post, whitepaper or eBook.
  2. Look at the comments section: Believe it or not, your blog’s comments section is a great place to find content ideas; you just have to do some digging. If you don’t have a comments section or get a lot of feedback, try looking at the comments section from the most popular blogs in your specific industry.
  3. Start typing into Google: When you open Google and start typing your keyword phrase, the search engine will automatically give you suggestions to popular keyword phrases others are searching. Next thing you know, you have a list of relevant blog topics. It’s as easy as that folks.


Writing Tips: Coming up with an engaging topic is only half the battle; the other half is actually producing the piece. And chances are you’ve experienced a case of writer’s block on more than one occasion. Use these hacks to speed up the writing process:

  1. Start with a working title: One of the many reasons why marketers struggle with writing is because they get stuck trying to come up with a killer title, only to change it a dozen more times before finally posting. Instead of wasting half an hour scratching your head, start with a working title, then revisit it when you’re finished writing.
  2. Have a point and stick to it: Each piece of content should have a point. The last thing you want is a reader to walk away thinking they’ve just wasted their lunch hour reading your article. Before you start writing, ask yourself: “what is my point?” Whether it’s simply entertaining the reader or actually educating them, have a point and stick to it.


  1. Keep it simple: Don’t try to win any writing awards. Digital content is not meant to read like a Shakespeare novel. Short paragraphs, precise sentences and easy words are what readers want; fluff, complicated jargon and lengthy paragraphs are not.

Distribution: You can’t expect people to read your hard-earned content if you don’t properly distribute it. Keep these tips in mind when it’s time to spread the news:

  1. Hootsuite: Stop wasting time logging in and out of social media accounts to circulate content. Manage all of your social media accounts and schedule content distribution from one single dashboard with Hootsuite.


  1. Befriend an influencer: Every industry has its heavy hitters. Partner with influencers in your industry to help get more eyes on your content. Traackr and Buzzsumo are two great tools for finding and connecting with influencers.
  2. Re-circulate content: Just because a piece of content is two weeks or even a month old, doesn’t mean it should be placed on the back self to collect dust. Re-circulate your best content every so often to maximize its use.

I hope these hacks make your life easier! Have any great content marketing hacks of your own? Share them in the comments section below or connect with me on Twitter @BNeuman28.

Editorial-Shoot-BrookeBefore she got bitten by the marketing bug, Brooke Neuman worked as a copy editor for Content Boost’s parent company, TMC. As a veteran Content Producer, Brooke draws on her leadership skills and writing expertise to help clients reach their marketing goals. She’s also the creative mind behind the Content Boost blog, featured articles and eNews platforms. When she’s not coming up with killer headlines, you can find her at the beach working on her tan, coaching lacrosse and enjoying her favorite pastime—shopping.  Brooke graduated from Endicott College—where she helped the Gulls win four-peat CCC Women’s Lacrosse Championships—with a degree in contemporary journalism.

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