Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes With Quality Control Editor, Peg Ventricelli

shutterstock_142997941No one knows his or her way around an AP Style Book like Content Boost’s Quality Control Editor Peg Ventricelli. Passive voice, dangling modifiers, split infinitives … you name it, Peg can spot it. As the last set of eyes on content produced by CB’s team of editors, Peg ensures that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted.

Before becoming CB’s very own “grammar police,” Peg spent seven years as an editor and supervisor at Gartner Inc. Drawing from her experience at Gartner and her early days working as a journalist, Peg continually redefines Content Boost’s standards of excellence in writing.

Peg finds the editing process intriguing, like working out a puzzle. “Language is so very interesting—historically, in how it evolved, as well as being such a major part of who we all are as human beings. Our communication skills have separated us from every other creature known to man, and I enjoy digging into the details,” said Peg.

When she’s not editing, writing for our clients or contributing to the CB blog, you can find her hiking, biking, kayaking … well anything that involves being active and outdoors. In the summer months, she enjoys traveling to the beaches of Maryland on the weekends. Learn more about Peg in our five-minute catch up:

  1. SCBC bike to Shelter Island 044 - CopyDo you have a nickname? During my time at Gartner, I was sometimes called “red pen Peg” by the writers. While I don’t necessarily think it was said affectionately, I took this as a compliment. I had a reputation for being thorough, detail-oriented and a stickler. What better way is there to describe an editor?
  2. What do you do in your spare time? I tend to weed a lot—which is not to say that I am a gardener or have a green thumb. It’s more like I’m as obsessive about my yard as I am about my editing. I also like to hike, bike, hit the tennis ball around, kayak and a multitude of other outdoor activities (like skiing). I grew up taking ballet, tap and jazz and haven’t outgrown my love for dance. Oh, and I’m an avid reader, knitter and DIY-project enthusiast! Did that answer the question?
  3. Any recent milestones or accomplishments? I’ve learned a great deal through a personal experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world, though I certainly would opt to revise it if I could. My son Ben had multiple disabilities and health issues and passed on suddenly in early 2013. Though the loss has been devastating, I carry with me the great joy Ben brought to my life with his good-natured spirit and exuberance for all the world’s gifts. Through Ben, I was given a rare insight into the inherent beauty of human nature, and I will always treasure what he taught me, and the value he added to my life.
  4. If your house was burning down, what three things would you save? I’d have to save my photo albums, my son’s artwork and … my computer.
  5. What is your favorite quote? “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its DSCF0106 - Copywhole life believing that it is stupid.”—Albert Einstein
  6. Biggest prediction for the content marketing industry in five years … GO! Where content marketing and big data meet is where I see the potential for improvement in how marketers reach consumers. That is, marketers who know how to manage or govern big data will have a huge advantage over those who don’t. Content marketers will improve their strategies with big data by accessing information from social media, pulling data from their marketing automation platforms, and using tools to collect and analyze data on competitors.
  7. What is one thing prospective and existing clients should know about Content Boost that they don’t already? Our writers are continuously updating their knowledge of the industry through the many digital avenues available today, as well as via traditional broadcast and print mediums. Being current and relevant is a valuable characteristic of our content producers (CPs), who aim to provide our clients with up-to-date and factual content for their blogs and other deliverables (such as case studies and white papers). It is by this means that our CPs generate value for our clients. Our goal is to provide content that educates and informs, not to bombard and sell.
  8. What motivated you to join Content Boost? I joined Content Boost knowing that it was a growing, vital new division established by our parent company TMC. I was impressed by the enthusiasm demonstrated by our Director of Marketing Carrie Majewski for our mission and vision.
  9. What do you like most about working at Content Boost? It’s a toss-up between the actual work and the people. Knowing that we help increase revenue for our clients by turning their customers onto their creativity, expert knowledge and/or product innovations is fun and rewarding—for everyone involved. And the people here at Content Boost put their entire selves behind this mission. We pound away at our keyboards, pushing out valuable content day after day with devotion (and sometimes sweat). It’s inspiring to work with such a motivated group of individuals who care so much about Content Boost’s deliverables and clients.
  10. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever been said in the Content Boost editorial area? I believe it is every Monday when Eric gives us his weekend golf score—specifically, that we know it will inform his mood for the entire day. We all have learned to never play golf with Eric.

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