Cold Weather Alert: It’s Time to Warm up Your Content Marketing Strategy

This morning I did something I hate to do: I had to warm up my car.

As I walked to my car in the darkness that is 6:30 a.m. on one of the last few weeks of October, I noticed my windows were coated in a thin sheet of ice. The ice was easily penetrable, but I know it won’t be long before that ice will be sealing my car doors completely shut.


Waiting impatiently in my car, I got to thinking about how the same scenario can apply to content marketing. The cold weather is upon those of us living in frigid-prone areas, and that can make us lazy. We can’t get lazy with our marketing strategies, either. After all, when the temperatures drop, motivation and inspiration can too.

Just as some of us will need to take a few extra steps in the winter during our morning routine, content marketers should be taking extra steps to ensure their engines (a.k.a content creation, which drives any successful content marketing strategy) are warmed up and ready to go.

Don’t let the brutal weather stop you cold in your tracks. Here are some ways to stay energized and warm up your content marketing strategy in the coming months:

  • Begin measuring the right metrics now: As we all know, it takes about two to three months for numbers to start coming in once you begin tracking and measuring analytics and metrics. So, begin measuring content marketing metrics like social interactions, engaged time and content longevity now so you’ll be able to hit the ground running come 2015.
  • Get to tweeting: New research shows that Twitter traffic—tweets sent by brands, retweets, replies and favorites—are highest during the month of October. Although the month is coming to an end, this shows that your brand is perfectly positioned to reap significant rewards as the platform recuperates from this peak in usage.
  • Schedule some more client calls: If you have a monthly recurring editorial call with a client, make it biweekly. If you have a biweekly call, make it a weekly call for the month of November or December. With so many holidays and end-of-year ideas for content creation, you should be on the phone more frequently with your company—whether it’s your primary contact or a subject matter expert from the company—to spark ideas for blogs, whitepapers, eBooks and more.
  • Schedule at least three interviews for Q&A stories: The end of the year means one huge thing for content creation: Q&A’s. Be sure to dedicate at least three of the client calls to strategizing or scheduling briefings for end-of-year/New Year Q&A’s. (Click here for some excellent interviewing tips and tricks from our Quality Control Editor, Peg!)

Think hot chocolate by the fireplace, big cozy blankets and all the rest that represents the best of the cold winter season. Now, start warming up your content marketing strategy too!