Can’t Sell Your House? Contact Dex Property Solutions

If you’ve had some trouble selling your home due to some sort of defect—like a faulty septic system or ill-functioning furnace—Dex Property Solutions, Inc. might be just the kind of company you’re looking for.

Based in Connecticut but able to service clients across the country, Dex Property Solutions buys real estate that’s in need of repairs—maybe the plumbing system needs a complete overhaul, for instance—before modernizing the properties and either selling or renting them.

“We’re residential redevelopers, and we usually buy real estate that can’t be bought with a conventional mortgage because there’s some defect,” Edward Weinberg, the company’s manager, told Content Boost as our first-ever Content Marketing Crash Course on Dec. 4. “We fix it up in such a way that allows it to get conventional financing. We bring it up to the level one would expect in this century.”

Weinberg says his company doesn’t really deal with banks. Instead, Dex Property Solutions is backed by a network of investors spread out across the country. That being the case, the company has cash on hand to purchase your home—as soon as today.

In addition to fixing up properties, the company can buy homes that to be sold quickly for one reason or another. Maybe a couple is going through a divorce. Perhaps relatives are feuding over an inheritance. Whatever the case may be, Dex Property Solutions can quickly liquidize properties.

“Because we are investors, we can make a very fast offer,” Weinberg says.

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