Associated Podiatrists Addresses Patient Care at Content Boost’s Recent Event

shutterstock_14881087 (1)While the Internet can be a valuable tool for people seeking medical advice, it can be taken too far—to the point of being harmful. This was one of the insights provided by Alison D. Croughan, DPM, at Content Boost’s first-ever Content Marketing Crash Course on December 4th.

Dr. Croughan is one of 10 podiatrists that comprise the Associated Podiatrists practice in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and New York. As one of the largest podiatry groups in the Northeast, the practice provides quality surgical and non-surgical medical foot and ankle care for issues of the skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons and bones for all ages.

“The Internet is fabulous, but also can be the biggest deterrent for people seeking care when they should. If anybody has an open wound, skin discoloration or pain that is not responding to typical care, they should absolutely seek medical treatment right away,” said Dr. Croughan.

Associated Podiatrists is not your average medical care provider. The company boasts a number of highly trained doctors who have various specialties, according to Brianna Govini, Associated Podiatrists’ marketing associate who joined Dr. Croughan at the event. The philosophy at the office is to put the patient first. “I think one thing that we all keep in mind is what experience we would prefer when we seek medical care, and try to connect on a human level,” remarked Dr. Croughan.

To learn more about Associated Podiatrists, watch the video below:


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