How Do I Find My Audience on Social Media?

photo 1 (8)Last week, we finished up our Content Marketing Crash Course, designed to bring marketing awareness to the local community, at our Content Boost office (recaps available here and here!). It was a great day filled with interesting dialogue.

One question that seemed to come up a lot was, “How do I find my audience on social media?” It’s an interesting question and one that doesn’t have a particularly short answer.

Let’s start with Twitter.

Twitter makes it easy to connect with other users and start a conversation. Begin by following current clients, prospective clients, industry influencers, thought leaders and even competitors. If you have a strong focus on a particular area, try searching a related hashtag and see if there are any users who regularly tweet about topics relevant to you.

However, following isn’t always enough, so engage with these users over the next few days/weeks. Retweet their content, favorite a post or two, start a conversation or comment on their post. Lastly, be sure to tweet about content that is relevant to the audience for which you’re trying to attract.

During our crash course, one sentiment that was shared frequently was, “I don’t have one specific target industry. How do I tweet about content that is appealing across industries?” This is a great problem to have because it means your potential audience is already greater than that of your competitor’s. Your clients may vary, but your core business still remains the same.

So tweet about what you know. For instance, are you a marketing company that works with everyone from retail locations to financial firms? Not a problem! Your core competencies are in marketing, so share your expertise in that area. Are you an electrical company whose clients are, well, almost everyone? Perfect! Share information that will benefit these customers like how to save energy or company news that would be of interest to the general public.

LinkedIn is another great place for your company to make an impact. Search for key players by name, job title or company, and don’t forget to personalize your message when you send a request to connect. Another valuable resource is within LinkedIn groups. Not only can you help establish yourself as a thought leader in these groups by starting discussions or participating in existing discussions, but you can also make some great connections! Start by searching for groups in the industries you’re involved in or would like to be involved in. Share your knowledge and connect with fellow group members who you’d like to further engage.

Facebook makes it easy to target your specific audience. As you probably know, Facebook collects lots of data on its users. The social media powerhouse uses this data to provide advertisers the opportunity to target you specifically: your age, gender, location, interests, and more. Whether your budget is $10 per day or $500 per day, investing a small amount of money towards ads may be a good place to kick off when starting up a business page. You’ll know that your budget is being used to target users that are most likely to have an interest in your products or services.

Of course, there are many more social networks, each with their own set of recommendations for finding an audience. However, if you’re new to social, try starting with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and expanding from there. Have more recommendations on how to find your audience? Let us know in the comments!

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