Left Brain versus Right Brain: For Content Marketers it’s a Matter of “And” Not “Or”

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve heard someone label you (or perhaps you labeled yourself) either “right brained” or “left brained.” But I say, why do you have to be just one? In fact, as a content marketer, I know that I cannot afford to fall into the trap of exclusively thinking either one way or another. Instead, content marketers must extract valuable qualities associated with each side of the brain and integrate them to produce a well-rounded content creation strategy.

So, let’s refresh our memories about which characteristics are associated with each side of the brain. “Left brained” thinkers are usually analytical, literal and organized while “right brained” thinkers are dreamers, emotional and creative. But, the best marketers are analytical and creative; here’s a better look at how they use each side of the brain to create the most effective range of content:


The right side is used when…

  • Storytelling: Today’s consumers want to feel connected to the brands they use by understanding their thoughts and opinions; more specifically they want their brands to speak to them on a personal level. One right brain quality every marketer should engender is creative storytelling. Experienced marketers tap into their right brain attributes when they include interesting use cases and hypothetical examples in their content to better relate to their audience. The right brain also knows it’s okay to dream big and go off the beaten path with content creation to spice things up from time to time. Craft a two part series, a Q&A or play devil’s advocate on an important subject once in a while to demonstrate your range and expertise.

The left side is used when…

  • Leveraging market research: Input from the left brain of content marketers reminds them to include reputable support to substantiate claims they make in their content. When a marketer’s left brain is activated they’re combing through stats and relevant insights from industry pundits to share in their blogs and Twitter feeds. In doing so, they can relay important facts in a didactic manner that today’s autonomous buyers crave when they are conducting research on a business. So, in addition to building brand loyalty through storytelling, brands can dually establish their credibility by demonstrating industry expertise and knowledge of relevant market trends.

Case in point, when you’re an expert content marketer no one can label you as either left or right because this gig requires your whole brain.

Editorial-Shoot-Diana-3Whether skydiving in Interlaken or free falling into hot oil pizza from Colony Grille, Diana Bishop knows a thing or two about adventure. After graduating from Keene State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, she has used her experiences while studying abroad in Barcelona to inject fresh perspective into her work at Content Boost. Admittedly “artsy” by nature, she enjoys painting and drawing whenever she has free time on her hands. Before she joined the team at Content Boost she organized promotions and wrote commercial copy for iHeartMedia, a global entertainment and media company.