Applying Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks to Your Marketing Strategy

Consumers all across the country are frantically flocking to grocery stores
this week, stocking up for Thanksgiving dinner. After all, many stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day so it’s vital to make sure you’re prepared for the big day in advance.

It goes without saturkey-23435_1280ying that in order to make a Thanksgiving meal that your family will salivate over you’ve got to make sure you have a documented list of ingredients before you wind up in the store.

Indeed, making
sure you have all of the necessary resources to make a mouth-watering meal is critical to its eventual outcome. What’s more, accepting a little help from the extended family—like asking Aunt Lucy to bring the sweet potato pie—is also paramount to avoiding chef’s burn out, i.e. becoming so overwhelmed in the kitchen you become too stressed out to handle the tasks at hand.

Similarly, taking charge of your company’s marketing strategy requires taking advantage of outside resources as well as following a set of documented guidelines. That is, if you’re ever feeling drained by responsibilities or as though there a million balls up in the air, consider how you would approach keeping everything under control on Thanksgiving.

For example, if you have limited in-house resources, don’t be afraid to reach out to a third-party content strategy vendor that can help you with some of the legwork. You don’t have to cook up great content all by yourself. In fact, obtaining a fresh perspective from an outside source might inject some much needed zest into your tired marketing strategy.

What’s more, documenting your marketing strategy and remaining mindful of the steps it will take for you to reach your goals is critical for creating campaigns that garner optimal results. That is, writing up a fool-proof marketing strategy is far more conducive to gaining positive outcomes than guessing, estimating and generally leaving your brand’s marketing success up to chance.

So, remember, in marketing and in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, accepting help and following a documented strategy is your best-bet for success.

Editorial-Shoot-Diana-3Whether skydiving in Interlaken or free falling into hot oil pizza from Colony Grille, Diana Bishop knows a thing or two about adventure. After graduating from Keene State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, she has used her experiences while studying abroad in Barcelona to inject fresh perspective into her work at Content Boost. Admittedly “artsy” by nature, she enjoys painting and drawing whenever she has free time on her hands. Before she joined the team at Content Boost she organized promotions and wrote commercial copy for iHeartMedia, a global entertainment and media company.