Don’t Forget to Pack Your Content Strategy for Interop

Your bags are packed for Vegas. Your out of office reply is queued. It’s the Friday before Interop, where you’re headed to showcase your company’s latest innovations. The only thing left to do is check your flight and make sure you get to the airport on time. Right?

checklist-911841_1920.pngWrong! Roll up your sleeves: You have some last-minute marketing points to hone before you board the plane. After all, you don’t want to arrive without all the tools in hand to deliver the best impression possible to your key targets.

Follow this advice to optimize Interop for your brand:

Do a last-minute gut check: Come Monday, countless Interop-inspired leads will be browsing your website, blog and social channels in search of more information about your brand. In fact, many people are already looking now to see which company booths they want to visit. Ideally, your channels are up to date and free of errors. If not, sound the alarm and see to it that they are cleaned up.

Line up some social and blog posts: You aren’t travelling to Las Vegas to spend all of your time tweeting but to sell your products and network with other industry leaders. Still, you’ll want to socialize the event in real time to make the most of the experience. So log into Hootsuite and preload some posts that you can use to attract people to your booth. Sparse them evenly throughout the conference. Another good idea is to put a writer on standby back home in case you hear or see an opportune news item to publish on your blog while Interop is taking place. For example, several customers may ask similar questions that you want to address before the event is over. So, be ready to jump on a phone call and parlay the information to someone on your team.

Consider leaving the paper home: You may have an article or sales document that you really want to share with attendees. If you hand out sheets of paper to prospects, though, they will likely wind up at the bottom of their plastic bags or in a trash can. Instead, sort through your blog or sales documents now and have some handy links that you can email or text to prospects while you are talking to them. And next time, if you want to hand out objects at your booth, make sure they are useful. Branded stress balls, bottle openers and pens are always winners. Get creative.

Pack a small notebook: No shortage of marketing ideas will arise during Interop. With so much going on, though, it will be difficult to remember them all. Keep a small notebook in your pocket so that you can easily jot down reminders for yourself. This way, you’ll return to the office with a month’s worth of content concepts ready to go.

Plan a follow-up strategy: Of course, once the conference is over, the hard work really begins as you follow up with prospects and close sales. Do this as soon as possible following the event. If this is too much to take on after such an exhausting, but productive, excursion, seek the help of an outsourced content strategy vendor like Content Boost.

A brief phone call is all it will take to line up our team of writers to start producing the assets you need. Oftentimes, shared insights gained from an industry conference like Interop will allow us to generate enough content to drive your brand objectives for weeks.

To learn more about how Content Boost can help supercharge your marketing efforts after Interop, click here.