SEO Is All About Content

seo-758264_1280Business owners have a decision to make when it comes to website marketing: do it in-house or farm it out to a content strategy vendor. The most important determinant for this choice is the quality of the content that will be created. After all, your brand’s very worth will be impacted by the content you use to engage customers, position your products and services, and create a brand “voice.”

In today’s digital-driven age of the customer, every business’s No. 1 goal must be to rank high on search engine platforms, like Google’s. Being visible in search engines is paramount for drawing consumers to your website. To achieve this objective, the vast majority of marketers—76 percent of B2C marketers and 88 percent of B2B marketers, according to a MarketProfs and CMI report—rely on content marketing to attract and retain consumers and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action.

Unfortunately, at best, only half of marketers consider their organizations effective at content marketing. This speaks to the relative complexity of crafting content that helps produce search engine optimization (SEO) for brands. Indeed, the report reveals that the top challenge for content marketers is producing engaging content.

So, as a business owner eager for success at website marketing, here are some key skills to look for when determining who should create your content:

Unique and informative content creation capabilities: The best content gains attention and will be shared. Your writers must be creative when crafting original content for your website on a consistent, ongoing basis. Knowledge must be poured into content produced so that it helps establish your brand voice as an authority in your industry. Your writers must be adept at conducting research that helps them achieve expertise in the topics they write about for your brand.

Keyword selection and usage expertise: Google and other search engines collect and analyze content on your website to rank your pages. Does your internal team know how to unlock the full potential of words and phrases that reflect optimally on your business? For best results, your writers must be skilled at choosing keywords that center around what your key targets would type in search engines to find a solution for their needs. Toward this end, your content producers should understand the attributes of short-, medium- and long-tail keywords, as well as how to access tools that can help generate high-performing keywords, such as LSI Keyword Generator and Google’s Autocomplete. Your writers must also understand how to remain credible to search engines by avoiding keyword stuffing.

Ability to build links that drive traffic to your site: Your content producers need creativity and patience to achieve this most challenging search engine strategy. Building links on other websites takes time and energy, and is best accomplished with appealing content (e.g., company blogs). Natural links are free but require that other sites truly like what you’ve written. It also helps to spread the word through other channels to garner the largest possible readership. Writers can also build unnatural links by leaving comments on other sites, but must be careful to avoid appearing spammy, as Google penalizes junk links.

If your in-house staff fall short in some of these areas—or simply don’t have the time to get content right—your best recourse for ensuring that your website marketing bears fruit is to partner with a content vendor.

PegAs with her writing and editing, Peg brings her finely honed attention to detail and her adherence to high-quality standards to bear in her role as managing editor of Content Boost. As team leader, she encourages her staff to strive for excellence in the copy they craft and in the relationships they forge with clients, striving for an optimal customer experience. She caught the marketing bug after seven years as an editor and supervisor at Gartner Inc., the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, and was drawn to the spirit and talent exhibited at Content Boost. Tracing back to her early days working local beats as a journalist, Peg consistently digs deep for insights that bring value to her writing. Outside the office, Peg loves to read when she’s not trying to keep up with her cycling buddies or the weeds in her garden. She can be found enjoying the local scene in her hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.