No Business is Too Small for Content Boost

miniature-1700629_960_720.jpgLast weekend I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for an old college roommate I hadn’t seen in years. He was a graduate of our university’s business school and launched a small, but successful business of his own last year. Because of his background, it didn’t surprise me to find that a number of guests in attendance had also ventured into entrepreneurship as well.

As a content marketer with limited social skills, I seized upon the opportunity to ask a number of these small business owners about their experience with content—and I must admit that I was shocked by my findings.
While a majority of the individuals I spoke with were familiar with the principles of content marketing, none of them had actually developed a content marketing strategy. When I asked why, I received the same reply over and over again.

My business is too small.

While I wanted nothing more than to issue an exasperated response to these fledgling business leaders, I resisted the temptation, kept busy with a few appetizers and reoriented the conversation halfheartedly towards the Super Bowl. But having taken time to reflect further upon their responses, I recognized that Content Boost is uniquely positioned to help business owners like these.

Here are just a few reasons why no business is too small to benefit from working with Content Boost.

Scalability: Content Boost is designed to create and deliver a customized content strategy that meets your business needs. You can solicit our services for a single piece of content on an as-needed basis. You can also sign a contract ranging from a month to a year. You can scale your program from a few hundred words per month, up to tens of thousands. That means as your business grows and your needs change, we can grow and change right along with you.

Expanding your network: Why do small businesses stay small? Because they don’t do enough to engage with potential clients and expand their networks. Content is a pivotal element of building your customer base. You can use content to build a more robust, professional website. You can use Content Boost to produce sales enablement documents, white papers or case studies. You can use our work for your email marketing campaigns or social media posts. Bottom line: there’s no wrong way to use Content Boost.

Greater productivity: Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses because they want to work, and live, on their own terms. But in some cases, the owners of these startups end up burning out because they have to play too many different roles themselves—even if that role falls outside of their skill sets. Working with Content Boost, small business owners can offload as much of their marketing strategy as needed. This will free you up to focus your attention on the day-to-day responsibilities that nobody else can accomplish.

If you’re ready to learn more ways that working with Content Boost can help your small business succeed, click here.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQuAAAAJDQyZjlmZDdmLWZkMGUtNGUwNy05NTAyLWVhYTc1MTAyNWM2NgKeith Batter, known as “The Machine” due to his ability to provide quality content on a tight deadline, earned his degree in Creative Writing from Colorado University. Keith’s interest in a multitude of topics imbues his writing with valuable insights that resonate with readers in many fields. His work experience spans industries as diverse as hospitality (Thistledown Inn Bed and Breakfast), insurance (American Income Life Insurance), sales, journalism, publishing and even a brief foray into politics as a community organizer during the 2008 presidential election. In his spare time, Keith is difficult to find. Equipped only with a guitar, notebook and a liter of water, he frequently disappears deep into the forest with his wife and dog to evade civilization and wax poetic about the nature of existence.