Three Questions to ask Yourself Before Leaving ITEXPO

ITEXPO (Feb. 8 to 10 in Ft. Lauderdale) is a great chance to learn about other organizations, and to get a look at some of the latest technologies on the market. It’s also an opportunity to spend some time reflecting on your own brand, and to see how your marketing strategy stacks up against other leading players in your industry.

development-2010016_1280Here are three questions to ask yourself before leaving Ft. Lauderdale:

Are we in touch with our customers’ core needs?

One of the great parts about exhibiting at ITEXPO is getting a chance to speak face to face with the people who are using, or are thinking about using, your company’s products and services. As you talk with others, you’ll get a better sense of whether your company’s vision is aligned with their biggest questions and concerns. Use this information to guide your marketing strategy in the coming weeks. 

Are we doing a good job explaining our services online?

Check and make sure your company’s website, blog and social channels are easy to find and communicate, in layman’s terms, exactly what your business offers and how you help solve problems. Keep your messaging simple, but provide a sufficient amount of information so that customers will view your business’s website as a learning resource.

How do the answers to these questions inform our content strategy?

Now is the ideal time to do a content gut check, and compare what you see on your blog to your experience at ITEXPO. Take a look at the topics, and consider whether they really resonate with customers.You should also pay attention to the language you are using, and see whether your tone and style are appropriate for your brand.

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