Top Fashion Designers Make Content Marketing This Year’s Hottest Trend

Making it in the fashion world is no walk (or catwalk) in the park. In the words of supermodel Heidi Klum herself “One day you’re in and one day you’re out.” Most designers come from very humble beginnings, dreaming of that one big break that will catapult them into stardom and sold out shows during Paris Fashion Week.

Remember the following memorable tales? Legendary designer Coco Chanel was placed in an orphanage at a young age after her mother died and was raised by nuns who taught her how to sew which would eventually shape her career into one of the most recognizable, coveted brands on earth. American designer Tommy Hilfiger also came from humble beginnings, first selling jeans to friends out of the trunk of his car. We all love and relate to heart-warming rags to riches stories because we want to know the real faces behind the clothes and accessories we all love to wear.

Accordingly, today’s top fashion designers like Tory Burch, Rachel Zoe and Diane Von Furstenberg are coming out from behind their sewing machines and designer studios to give customers a taste of what it’s really like to walk in their red-bottom heels.

Stylist turned designer turned fashion mogul Rachel Zoe knows a thing or two about great marketing. The designer went from styling shows behind the scenes at fashion week to debuting her very own line front and center at New York Fashion week.  The witty and hilarious designer wears many metaphorical hats including producer, designer, mom, writer, stylist and of course her own best advocate.

When customers aren’t watching Zoe on TV on her BravoTV series “The Rachel Zoe Project,” they can still connect to the designer through her daily newsletter “The Zoe Report,” Instagram and Pinterest. The Zoe Report gives insiders a view into the world of fashion and the mind of the fashion maven herself. Readers receive fashion and beauty tips, the latest runway gossip and more by subscribing to the newsletter.

Zoe Report

Zoe’s genius marketing strategies are endless. From tips on how to pair her latest designs with existing pieces in your closest, to how to wear summer whites, to 10 leather looks to rock this season, Zoe establishes herself as a thought leader and expert in the industry while simultaneously marketing her brand and clothing. By connecting to readers daily, Zoe gives her brand an identity, something relatable which is no easy feat in the fashion industry.  Customers and readers are able to get to know the designer beyond just the name on the label, which helps to build brand loyalty and in turn sales. Let’s face it… would you rather buy a designer dress from a stranger or someone you know?

The Tory Blog

Tory Burch, the designer behind the famed flats, is another designer who makes content marketing look so good. “The Tory Blog” is a small window into the designers’ life and thoughts on fashion, where readers get the designer’s take on the latest trends, travel, entertainment, music and culture. Don’t know if the tomboy look is right for you? See what Tory thinks before you buy a pair of boyfriend jeans or why not search the brands website for a pair. While some designers seem un-relatable, after all how can you relate to a person who vacations in St. Barts and owns over 100 pair of designer shoes, Burch connects to customers on a real level by sharing her inspirations and providing real-world advice that every customer can relate to.

Don’t underestimate a woman in heels. All businesses can take a page from Zoe and Burch’s book on how to build brand loyalty and establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective space. Job well done ladies!

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