Grading MySpace’s Comeback Ad

Surprise! MySpace is back.

Yes, that MySpace.

We’ve been hearing rumbles for the last few years now that MySpace was mounting a comeback. Never mind that the folks who built the site were long gone (to the tune of $580 million care of Rupert Murdoch), MySpace, in some form, was coming back. And Justin Timberlake was involved!

All this week, including a prime spot last night during Game Four of the NBA Finals, MySpace has been running a new ad announcing its return. If you had any doubts about what the “new” MySpace will be like…you probably still have them after watching the millennial-baiting spot.


Hipsters smashing guitars? Hula-hooping? Skateboarding? Really?

While the ad makes the site’s target audience abundantly clear, it doesn’t give us a single glimpse of the new MySpace. I don’t think I spotted a computer or even a smartphone in there, either.

It’s not that I think the ad should have gone into acute detail demoing the site’s new features and design, but a more effective ad might have worked a little harder to explain what MySpace can do for me.

This might be an unfair comparison but when I think about a truly effective ad for a major Tech player, I keep going back to this tear-jerker from Google Chrome:


You can’t argue that this spot doesn’t make an emotional connection. It also makes it very clear how the product can help me, the user.

Clearly MySpace is going for a different audiencembut millennials can be a fickle group – some might even say jaded. Time will tell if the new campaign, and new attitude, can win MySpace some street cred.