ContentGems’ New Hootsuite Integration Will Skyrocket Your Content Marketing Capabilities

I love Twitter. It wasn’t love at first sight, but after getting to know the social platform better and, more importantly, understanding how it can optimize my content marketing agenda, it quickly stole my heart. However today, it’s not enough anymore to just follow people on Twitter. It’s not enough to follow Gartner if you’re in the tech space; you’re missing the mark if you’re only following Bobby Flay as an aspiring chef; and it just doesn’t cut it anymore to follow that top social media influencer or communications strategist as a content marketer.

contentContent marketers are being pushed now more than ever to proactively find exciting content and deliver this content to its target audience as quickly as possible. In other words, there’s always a way to further surpass standard practices to find those “diamonds in the rough” type of material. While Twitter is great to get you started, it’s certainly not an end-all solution. This is where platforms like Hootsuite come in.

I might just be addicted to Hootsuite. In my ever-filled tab bar throughout the day, Hootsuite’s infamous owl icon serves as my content marketing compass. It’s a directional guide of which I can always return to manage, organize and discover new content from those I’m following and keeping a close eye on.

Continuing with this momentum, yet another innovation has surfaced for content marketers to leverage – an all-new integration between Hootsuite and ContentGems. By joining forces, the integration will undoubtedly become the newest addition to anyone’s content marketing tool belt.

Haven’t heard of ContentGems? That’s because it formerly went under the name of intigi. The site populates 200,000 news sources, blogs and social media accounts that are all ready for the taking. Users can set filters, import their own feeds (including Twitter handles you follow) and much more to consistently bring a plethora of fresh, exciting content to your eyes.

With this new integration, content sources from ContentGems can be integrated directly into Hootsuite. By combining the power of ContentGems’ automated content curation with Hootsuite’s strong social media management platform, content marketers can enjoy one single solution to effectively do what they do best… empower their brand with unique and custom content to optimally tell their brand’s story.

Now you might be wondering how you can get started yourself (After creating my own account, I have to say it’s well worth it). Creating an account on ContentGems is much easier than you may expect.


First, I connected to my Twitter handle and then created “interests.” These “interests” feed inspiration by finding content to share with your customers, tracking important trends in your industry, monitoring your brand and products and keeping an eye on competitors. You can also include keywords that are relevant to your interests (very handy for SEO purposes) as well as keywords the interest should not contain.

I popped in a few relevant keywords, clicked “Create Interest” and voila, instant content specific to exactly what I’m looking for. You can then group your interests into folders with the ability to include up to five interests per folder. After setting up the account and walking through its uses, I spotted an article that piqued my interest. With the new “Hootsuite” button, I was able to instantly connect to my Hootsuite account and share the content via the platform.

My overall verdict is that this integration will be eaten right up by content marketers. Are you currently leveraging this opportunity or soon plan to? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!