A Brand Above the Rest?

Here at Content Boost we are constantly lending our best tips and tricks to our clients, giving them the fuel they need for their engines to drive their content marketing strategies down unprecedented paths.  One tidbit we share often? Not only do you need to leverage social media, but you need to do so  wisely.

This can mean a few things. First, it can mean choosing the right platform to share your story. No, Twitter is not for everyone. Nor is Pinterest. The key is to determine your audience, figure out what social platforms they utilize and then adopt a social presence in these areas.

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Everything You Need to Know About Using Vine for Content Marketing – Part 2

In part one of this series, we discussed the basics of Vine and why it should play an integral role in your company’s content marketing strategy. However, knowing the history of this mobile video sharing app and what it is simply isn’t enough to augment sales, bolster brand awareness and secure leads.

Sure, it helps to know that Vine videos are four times more likely to be shared than branded online videos and that four days worth of YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute. But, in today’s image-centric and social media driven world, it is most vital to know how this critical tool can be leveraged to support your unique business objectives. Otherwise, these numbers have no meaning.

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Top Fashion Designers Make Content Marketing This Year’s Hottest Trend

Making it in the fashion world is no walk (or catwalk) in the park. In the words of supermodel Heidi Klum herself “One day you’re in and one day you’re out.” Most designers come from very humble beginnings, dreaming of that one big break that will catapult them into stardom and sold out shows during Paris Fashion Week.

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#Facebook Rolls Out Hashtags – How Can Your Business Take Advantage?

facebookhashtagFacebook has taken a page out of the Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest book and has introduced searchable hashtags to its platform. If you aren’t familiar with hashatags, they allow users to put the “#” symbol in front of a word or phrase in order to categorize it and make it easier for users of similar interests to find. The goal: to drive more engagement and conversation within the platform… and, of course, there is probably a revenue model in there for the social network.

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What Are You Doing June 20? Join us for a Content Boost Webinar

No matter where you are—CVS, a concert, work, a restaurant, or even a family function—there is one universal sentiment being expressed by everyone these days: There are simply not enough hours in the day to complete everything on our to-do lists.

This sentiment is perhaps no more true than in the workplace, an environment which has undoubtedly become more pressurized, stressful and demanding since the onset of the economic recession a few years ago. And that’s largely because we are all being forced to do more with less; forced to wear multiple hats; and forced to figure out how to cut corners while still delivering competitive, unprecedented offerings.

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Content Marketing and Flying Sushi

If you haven’t heard yet, YO! Sushi, a London-based chain, is setting the bar for virtually everyone on how to keep things fresh, exciting and innovative.

yo sushi

It isn’t uncommon for pioneers of a ground-breaking movement to feel that their efforts go to waste once the trend they carefully fostered becomes widespread. In doing so, some feel that a once a game-changing decision can become devalued after going mainstream. Think about it; the commercialization of grunge rock in the 90’s, the emergence of social media over the last decade, and the advent of the smartphone.

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Skittles Gets Interactive With Figurines

skittlesSkittles has a new ad out and it lets you smash grandma’s precious figurines. Let me rewind. The ad starts with grandma bringing a glass of water to what is presumably her grandson, Tommy. On the same table is a pink horse figurine who speaks in a British accent and tells Tommy to smash him for Skittles to come out. Of course, the grandson smashes the horse and enjoys a pile of the delicious treats. I have to admit, in every Skittles commercial the sound of the candy pouring onto the ground makes my mouth water. Does anyone else have a sudden craving for Skittles? Continue reading “Skittles Gets Interactive With Figurines”

Content Marketing Lessons from Vince Vaughn’s The Internship

The-Intership-Movie-PosterEver wondered what it would be like to work for Google? There’s a movie for that!

In The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play the type of slacker, manchild-types you’ve seen in dozens of films like Wedding Crashers, Old School, Hall Pass, etc. The twist this time around is that, despite being in their 40s and decidedly un-techy, the guys land internships at Google. Hilarity, presumably, ensues. Continue reading “Content Marketing Lessons from Vince Vaughn’s The Internship”

What Kind of Content Marketer Should You Be?

We all have a pretty set list of qualities we look for in future employees: dependable, inquisitive, passionate, intelligent, professional, charismatic… the list goes on and on.

shutterstock_109630661We sift through resumes, reading between the lines to figure out whether their previous work experience intimates that they are “A” team workers, go-getters, self-starters and team players. We dissect every word of their interview, wondering if they will fit nicely into our work culture, understand the nuances of our company offerings and become an integral member of the team.

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