Top Five Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

mistakesThere’s no doubt that content marketing is the most popular inbound marketing strategy on the block. In fact, 93 percent of B2B marketers utilize content marketing, while 58 percent plan to increase their spending in this area in 2014, according to Content Marketing Institute’s “B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report.

Although this burgeoning strategy has shown no signs of slowing down, there are still many mistakes being made by companies big and small. Below are the top five content marketing mistakes and ways in which businesses can avoid them.

  1. Put Traditional Marketers in Charge of Content: Like mom said: “You can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen.” In the marketing world – you can’t have too many marketers in charge of content. Sure, traditional marketers understand the basic principles of marketing, but they don’t know how to create engaging content that doesn’t scream “sales.”  Leave traditional marketing to the experts and hire a content marketing director to help craft a strategic content marketing plan and guide members of your team.
  2. Have No Direction or Plan in Place: Are you a man without a plan? Between social media, blog posts, whitepapers, videos and infographics, one can easily lose control without a plan. Having an editorial calendar that maps out who is creating content, when it will be published, and where it will be published is critical. Think of it as the foundation of your content marketing strategy, giving you a holistic view of your entire campaign.
  3. Adopt a Me, Me, Me Mentality: Unfortunately, many companies adopt a kindergarten mentality, creating content that’s all about them and their accomplishments; however, focusing on how great your company is will only turn customers away. Best of breed businesses share a mixed bag of content, including industry-focused and company-focused stories. Always remember that the entire purpose of content marketing is to let customers make decisions for themselves based on the information you provide.
  4. Lack of Overall Consistency: Are your blog posts saying one thing but your whitepapers saying another? Inconsistency in tone, messaging and voice can make you look like a rookie in the content marketing realm. In order to establish thought leadership in your respected space, your customers need to know exactly who you are and where you stand. Create consistency throughout content by establishing a best practices guide, which should detail everything from grammar to style.
  5. Publishing Content for Content’s Sake: We’ve all been there; Friday rolls around and you’ve forgotten to post a blog for the week so you haphazardly throw something together, slap on a headline and post. Your customers come to your site for a specific reason – to learn about you and your respected space; posting random links or blog posts that have no relation to your industry is a big no-no.



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