‘Twas the Night Before Christmas And All Through the Marketing Department…

shutterstock_114877261I can’t help but have a big smile on my face today. That is because no matter how old I get—or how many years it’s been since I actually asked Santa for a gift—this time of year is truly magical. From the whimsical window displays lining Fifth Avenue to the holiday-adorned cups at Starbucks to the flooding of Christmas carols on the radio, the weeks immediately following Thanksgiving right until New Year’s Day unquestionably bring out the inner five-year-old in all of us.

So what was so incredible about being five and celebrating the holidays? It was the fact that we believed in a world of a possibilities; the idea of magic; the notion that for just a few weeks, peace, love and harmony could really exit; and the concept that family and loved ones are really the most important thing. It was the fact that we felt like we could do anything during this special time such as staying up way past our bed time, signing proudly even if we couldn’t carry a tune and asking for gifts that seemed out of reach.

At second thought, is it possible that our inner five-year-old is actually more inspired than the adult version of ourselves who is tasked with coming up with compelling marketing pitches, robust campaigns and compelling pieces of collateral? The truth is it’s largely possible.

There is without question something electrifying about this time of year; it’s almost as if a jolt shoots into our lifeless body and gets the creative juices flowing once again. Suddenly, we start to think about all the things that we want to accomplish in the New Year and for a few weeks our objectives don’t seem sky-high but actually within arm’s reach.

As a marketer, now is the opportune time to capitalize on this feeling. Don’t let it slip away when Jan. 2 rolls around. Instead, use it to drive you into 2014 and to enjoy a spurt of innovation and curiosity that has previously never existed. To begin:

Instead of writing a list to Santa… write a list of marketing initiatives that you would like to introduce to your company this year. Make your list robust by including “out-of-my-price-range” gifts, or overly ambitious concepts; the “within-my-budget” presents, or those initiatives that are wholly doable; and the “these-can-wait-for-next-year” gifts, or those ideas that are not as pressing.

Instead of caroling when you can’t carry a tune… try something that is unfamiliar to you as a marketer. This can mean launching social media platforms for your company, trying your hand at writing a white paper or creating a new blogging website.

Instead of reading “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” … read blog posts and op-ed pieces from industry leaders in the content marketing space. Get inspired by the magic that they have created sans reindeer, candy canes and stockings. Bookmark some of your favorite pieces and pull them out every time you want that rosy feeling.

Instead of leaving a plate full of cookies… grab a cup and fill it with ideas—from the fully-baked ones to the not-even-fleshed out ones. Every few months, pick a slip from the cup and figure out if it’s the ideal time to execute on the concept. Realize that your strategic roadmap for 2014 all starts with a simple light bulb moment.

From our Content Boost family to yours, wishing you and your loved ones a joyous, healthy and loving holiday season. Thanks for being a part of our family.

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